Take care of your peepers with these sight-saving tips 

My father, whose simple happiness in life can be found in his newspapers and his favorite television show, is slowly losing his sight due to cataract. 

my father, the simple man finding his happiness in the simple things in life

He is already technically blind on his left eye and the right is slowly being corrupted by cataract also. Years of use – being exposed to the sun, glare of television, reading on low lights, constant exposure to harsh lights (he is a painter by profession before he retired) has now taken its toll. As his children, we are scrambling to prepare him for his cataract operation. 

Like my father, my life and happiness depended heavily on my eye sight: I am writer and corporate PR practitioner by profession; I blog and attend events; I draw and sketch as well do calligraphy. One of my greatest fears is to lose my sight when I grow old. 

Hence, my father’s cataract diagnosis has become a wake up call for me to take care of my eyesight more. If you’re like me who is more conscious about the health of your eyesight, here are some tips to consider: 

credit to owner

Healthy food for healthy vision. Nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C and E, can help ward off age-related vision problems for adults while Lutein helps increase optical density. Studies show that by eating leafy green vegetables, which are rich in these nutrients, decreases the risk of macular degeneration and cataract. Moreover, eating a well-balanced diet can also help prevent other health problems such as diabetes, which is the number one cause of blindness among adults.

Avoid excessive exposure to damaging blue lights. At this age of technology, we cannot avoid getting exposed to radiation emitted by the blue light in our gadgets. This can cause eye fatigue and eye strain. Make sure you limit your exposure to your screens and monitors and take a rest every now and then.

Get regular eye check-ups. Periodic eye and vision consultation and examinations are an important part of preventive eye care. Adults should have their eyes tested to keep their prescriptions up-to-date and to check for eye complications, while eye exams are essential for children to ensure normal vision development.

Use effective eyewear. The right kind of lenses can protect your eyes from the glaring ultraviolet rays of the sun or the blue lights caused by your digital lifestyle, prevent your eyes from future damages and correct your existing vision problems. 

Technologies like Crizal®, Transitions® and Varilux®, Eyezen®, Xperio®, Optifog® and Myopilux® have lenses which are specifically designed to suit your needs, age or activities. For instance, Crizal Optifog™, which is best for surgeons and chefs, prevent fog from clouding your eyes, while Varilux is prescribed for those 40 years old and above and helps in achieving clear vision in their age. Myopilux®, meanwhile, prevent Myopia or nearsightedness for kids 12 years old and below.

Essilor Philippines, the world’s leading ophthalmic optics, offers the kind of technology and science to help you care for your eyes. Essilor brands and products are available at at leading optical shops nationwide. 

For more information, visit https://www.essilor.com.ph/.


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