Wish I May: Shopback, Put these babies under my Christmas tree!

There is something magical about receiving something you’ve always wished or dreamed about. In the great scheme of things, it can be that dream job, or a complete family, your dream car parked in the garage of your dream house, and yes — even world peace. It can also be the simple things, one that is easily attainable – like a new camera, laptop or even the coolest pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for some time now.

For the simple things in life you can easily achieve, there’s always Shopback to make it easier — and yes, even more profitable for you.

What is Shopback? 


Shopback is the best online destination when you want discounts and cash-back rewards for all your online spending. With its long list of merchants and online shopping sites as partners, Shopback ensures that there’s always a “cash back” reward for each of your every need: whether electronics, toys, gadgets, mobiles, fashion and other lifestyle products. It’s also very easy to use (please refer below).

Wish I May, Wish I Might 

The things I wanted as my early Christmas gift follows a certain theme. Friends know that I’ve always been in love with traveling. I make it a point to save money and scout for cheap deals just to be able to get out of the country at least, even once a year. This year, my dad finally retired from work and as his birthday gift to my mom has treated us to airline tickets to Singapore, one of our favorite cities in the world. From Singapore, we plan to make a back packing trip going to Malaysia. It’s a unique bonding experience for the family, it’s also an opportunity for us to revisit our favorite places in Singapore, while discovering Malaysia at the same time.

Hence, my wishes are mostly related to this trip. I’ve been saving for some of these items, but it’ll be really cool if I can use the money I managed to save on the trip instead.

  1. A Nikon CoolPix S33 Camera (available in Lazada)


Having your own camera goes a long way if you are a blogger and a constant traveler at the same time. These past year, I’ve been very dependent on my iPhone for everything: make the usual texts and calls, surfing the net, taking pictures during event and for times when I can’t be bothered to bring a laptop, even updating my blog. I am so in love  with my iPhone but we all know it takes crappy photos. With the Nikon CoolPix S33, I can take as much photo as I want, upload it quickly, yet be comfortable enough because it is handy and portable compared to a DSLR camera. And when I am traveling, I can easily take photos with just one hand and quickly stash it in my bag or laptop as needed. Plus, I also love that the camera comes in bright colors, it’s just so me.


2. Superdry Rookie Scoutpack Backpack (Available at Zalora)


You wouldn’t think I would wish only for myself, right? This one’s for my ever supportive hubby whose love for backpacks are legendary. Superdry’s Rookie Scoutpack Backpack is fashionable and stylish without compromising on the space. Its many pockets also helps a lot in traveling since you can easily keep stuff without opening the whole pack. This is the perfect bag for quick trips and budget travels.


3. Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five Sneakers (available at Zalora)


It is pretty known that my taste in footwear and accessories entirely contradicts my age: in short, they are usually colorful, trendy, unique and appropriate only to those who were born about a good five to ten years after me. If you ask me, age is just a number. Life is too short to say no to amazing things.Like this Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five Sneakers. This is my dream shoe. As in, I do not hesitate to always window shop and pine after the very nice Onitsuka Tiger babies displayed on their shop at Greenbelt 5. The nice play on colors and the retro throwback on the usual running shoe silhouette of the 80s is just too good to pass. And yes, need I say more that an eye-catching footwear like this will prove to be the perfect compliment to a well-timed #OOTD atop the Marina Bay Sands’ viewing deck?


4. Skin Inc. Custom Blended Hydrate ‘Em (Set of 4) – available at Sephora PH


Traveling can wreck havoc on your skin – it must be the dry, uncycled air present in airplanes, the stress of a changed environment and the pressure of being constantly on the move. However, Skin Inc.Hydrate ‘Em custom pack of 4 will ensure that my skin remains soft and smooth, even no matter how stressful the trip may be. I’ve also long subscribed to the belief that the earlier we take care of our skin, the less it will give us problems when we grow old. This set comes in handy travel-sized bottles making it sure that passing through airport security is always a breeze.

5. Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack (Available at Asos)


Herschel is the type of bag that is both functional and stylish at the same time.At 23L, I have enough room to stash clothes good for a weekend trip,plus some of my travel must-haves like my trusty journal, my Instax and some films. It is also lightweight and portable enough to carry from one place to another since we will just be taking the bus from Singapore to Malaysia where we will catch our return flight back to the Philippines.


I love that by using Cashback, I am given immediate access to a host of online shops in just one platform — plus earn back a part of the money I spent. Looking through the products available, from one shop to another, it is amazing how a single platform can bring all these selections together.

As mentioned using Cashback is easy. First,  make sure that you sign up for a Shopback account, using either your email address or Facebook account. After signing up, you can now start shopping in any of their partner merchants. Below is a simple illustration on jow to start earning back the cash as soon as you start shopping:

2016-08-18 08.28.37

2016-08-18 08.30.18

2016-08-18 08.35.58


Credit: All images used in this post is courtesy of Shopback and all its partner stores. 


Disclosure: This post is my entry to Shopback’s WinA Wish Blogging Contest. But yes, all items mentioned above are currently taking a long-term residency on my Christmas wish list. Hopefully, the Universe smiles at me and lets me win 🙂 


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