Crib Goals: Kenwood makes your kitchen posh


What is it with the U.K. and their understated class and elegance? Mix the brilliance in design with innovative minds and we have Kenwood, a respected global brand in food preparation appliances. With presence in over 40 countries around the world, Kenwood is known for its appliances that serves as kitchen must-haves in the last 50 years.

Why should you get a Kenwood for your kitchen? Kenwood gives you kitchen appliances that looks good and performs even better. These things would look fly on your kitchen countertop that you’d probably end up inviting you friends over just to gloat on how stylish your kitchen is. Kenwood has won more than 30 awards for product design in the last 10 years alone – proving that in Kenwood, brilliance in design is never an an after thought.


As a big fan of British brands, it’s love at first sight as soon as I laid my eyes on the amazing array of Kenwood appliances on show during a recent launch held at the British Ambassador’s residence in posh Forbes Park. The launch feted all things British and featured imagery unique to the culture like the red telephone booths, the Mini Cooper, Royal Guards, British-inspired recipes — and the highlight of the evening, a cooking demo courtesy of Kenwood Development Chef Martin Johns, assisted by a special sous chef, the UK Ambassador to the Philippines himself, Mr Asif Ahmad. 



My heart, obviously, is set on the fire engine red espresso maker, which makes for a good conversation piece in any home. Various Kenwood products were on display during the launch, where the media present all lauded and pined after their favorite Kenwood machines. The  brand also recently introduced the award-winning Kenwood MultiOne, a mixer and food processor in one.

Lauded for its high design quality, MultiOne mixes (pardon the pun) good design, superior technology for and durability in one setting. These were among the qualities cited after the MultiOne bagged the Red Dot Award 2015, a prestigious award given to a select number of chosen brands and companies worldwide.

It’s always easy to settle for cheap kitchen appliances for the home. But when you think about it? These are the machines that gets used all the time – they should be durable, safe and efficient. The fact that they also look good on your counter top is also a big plus. Kenwood caters to the category of home owners who believe that investing in a home (and not just a house) should be based in quality.

In the Philippines, Kenwood is exclusively distributed by In the Philippines, Colombo Merchant Philippines, Inc.

For more information on Kenwood products, go to 






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