Anna Olson mixes her love of cooking and travel with “Inspired with Anna Olson”

Once in our life we meet people who will inspire us to reach for our goals or to live our life to the fullest. They are the go-getters, the achievers and those whose passion for the things they value and hobbies has led them to find life-long careers. 

One of them is Anna Olson, the celebrated Canadian pastry chef whose talent in the kitchen has brought her worldwide fame, six television shows and seven cook books. To say that she is one of the expert when it comes to the kitchen is a gross understatement.

You would think that someone like her will be happy to rest on her laurels, but her recent collaboration with the Asian Food Channel (AFC) dubbed “Inspired with Anna Olson” debuting on July 29, 9pm on AFC (Channel 26 on Cignal TV) features a happy marriage of her talent in the kitchen and inspirations lifted from her various travels within Asia.

This means we will get to see Anna cook refreshing meals inspired by good old Filipino dishes. Filipino chefs like Rob Pengson, Claude Tayag and Asia’s Top Female Chef Margarita Fores will also be featured in the program. 

Radio Jock Gelli Victor welcomes guests and the media during the launch held at Sage, Shangri-La Makati
Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines Neil Reeder welcomes the guests

“Dessert is mandatory at the Olson home in Canada,” says the affable and renowned pastry chef
The clear highlight of the evening for me (aside from getting a sumptuous meals prepared by Chef Anna) is the cooking demo by Chef Anna Olson and her husband, Chef Michael Olson. 

The Olsons met during the early years of their career, working for the same restaurant and have eventually been partners in life and in the kitchen since then. 

For “Inspired by Anna Olson,” each dish was prepared using some of the local ingredients available in the countries visited by the Olsons. Chef Anna raved about the local calamansi which she used in one of the desserts presented during the evening. 

We capped the night the best way possible – partaking in some of the most sumptuous food offered, enjoying the company of old and new friends, inspired to create more in the kitchen and discover new places – all thanks to Chef Anna Olson. 

Here are the dishes served that night: 

Of course, I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with Chef Anna Olson – as someone whose TV personality is someone so amiable and warm, I am not surprised that she’s exactly the same – perhaps even kinder – in person. 

I can’t wait to get inspired by Chef Anna. 

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