Republokal has home & lifestyle covered 

One of the best things I loved about blogging is discovering interesting brands and organizations that dare to do something unique and different. 

There is something amazing when someone believes in a worthy causes and actually does something to forward things they believe in. This is my exact impression when I had the chance to attend the recent Republokal weekend market held at the MetroTent in Pasig. 

Republokal is a lifestyle collective committee to promoting locally-made goods and products to the community. With heavy emphasis on proudly hand-made, environmentally-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing goods, Republokal prides itself for bringing only the best for its consumers. The team personally hand-picks it’s vendors and relies on brands who also espouses use of locally-made materials. 

Republokal showcased artists and entrepreneurs offering lifestyle and home brands, furnitures, bags, watches, apparel, health and beauty products and food. 
Here are some of our favorites: 

Sarah’s Home is a personal favorite of mine because I love room scents, spritzers and the like. Their products are proudly made and developed locally and ethically, and are pure labor of love from its owner, Paula. I love their Fresh Bamboo Home and Linen Spray which I even brought to the office because my cubicle needed a mood boost. 

Succulents + Dinosaurs = what could be better than that? Jurassic Pot wins hands-down as the cutest product on display. They are perfect housewarming gifts and are just so cute. 

I love everything Japanese and despite my age, my dream bag is a Randoseru, those cute little square bags usually seen on Japanese grade school students. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a more matured, more affordable version of the Randoseru through Atelier Marikina. 

My wish is for the Republokal to gain more traction and support from local lifestyle followers. Their commitment to support and promote the local ateliers, businesses and artists is truly commendable, and I have seen their commitment first-hand is helping these local businesses flourish. 

When it has become the norm to always go for ways where it is easier to earn and quick buck, Republokal and its roster of vendor-partners is defying the odds by standing by its vision of a more dynamic marketplace for locally-made products. 

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