The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades! 

As what one of my favorite poets, Brandon Boyd, used to say: 

“Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there – with open arms and open eyes…” 

I have been mulling a career change for the last few months, brought by some happenings in the professional front and a few realizations after I have begun to bring this blog public a year ago. 

On the professional side: I have come to be at peace that right now, a career back in journalism or publishing is still not yet in the cards for me. The security and the stability of the corporate world remains uncontested. With three cats to feed at home, I am really not in a position to turn my back from the same thing that shaped me for who I am and gave me a stable and comfortable life. Maybe I will be able to go back to writing – full time- in two years, but not now when I still need to fortify and strengthen my nest egg. 

For blogging, some of you may have noticed that I have quite a stash of back log for my blogging duties and I do need to write often. However, these past months – I have taken stock of the contents of these page and have become convinced that I owe my (three) readers more than what I usually put out. 

First, I’d like to curate the brands featured on this space more strategically and more stringently. More than anything, I’d like to focus more on brands I believe in. 

Second, I know it’s every bloggers dream to be noticed and get selected to events and launches. But the past year has been really dizzying and overwhelming for me. Man, blogging is a whole different ball game. I’ve seen and heard some things that overwhelmed me, considering my training is more of traditional media than online. I am lucky to have met really passionate people and hard working individuals, and was blessed to be able to turn some of them to life-long friends. However, like in any environment, there are still incidents that opened my eyes on “how things are.” The past year have been a learning experience – yet, i also made a conscious decision to be more selective of events to feature. Again, it’s a decision to come up with a more carefully curated content that will benefit the readers more. 

Lastly, I wanted to bring back my personality and my voice to this page. If it’s always all about products and events; but without my daily drivel and aimless discourse on things, places and people I care about – then how can this page represent me? 

Distressed sweater – Forever 21 

Textured A Line Skirt – Forever 21 

Lace up Mary Janes with heels – H&M 

Silver socks – Bench 

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