Party like it’s Summer with Sunburn Music Festival this August 27 at Lingayen 

I was introduced to the world of raving by a balikbayans cousin who is a raver and an amazing dancer back in California. 

Summer have actually finished, so you might wonder why you must still have an EDM celebration right smack at the beaches of Pangasinan. Here’s a few reasons why: 
5. The Encounter – Experiencing raves live differs from any type of performance encounter. You  will certainly be outdoors, delighting in the fresh air amidst the great beach ambience. 
4. Wearing Funky beach Clothes – Dress up like you’re In Coachella – stand out and get flashy especially since there are no regulations when it pertains to beach outfit; create something imaginative and attention-getting. 

3. Being on the Beach – Among the very best factors for participating in beach raves is the happiness of being on the beach throughout the rest of the party. 

2. Make Friends – meet like minded souls, EDM enthusiasts and have the opportunity to meet new friends sharing the same interest when it comes to partying. 

1. The Rave – lose yourself in a one of a kind experience! Party with us at Sunburn Music Festival this coming August 27, 2016 at Pangasinan. 

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