My father – our very own master chef and his “save time” tips in the kitchen 

I was blessed to have parents who do not always conform to gender roles. My mother is a career woman whose sole mission in life before was to send her kids to good schools; while my father is a simple man whose love of cooking and good dishes is legendary among his closest kin. 

My father works from 8am to 5pm and in between still manages to cook us nice meals and the occasional feast for special moments in the house. This is because while my mom can fry a good egg and hotdog, the extent of her interest in cooking ends with a good Pinoy spaghetti and that’s it. So, the kitchen has become my father’s domain. 

Eventually, I have inherited my father’s love of the kitchen but like any apprentice cannot measure up to his savy when faced with a stove and the usual daily recipes. 

To save time, my father usually employs some time-saving tricks in the kitchen. Below are some tips which you could also use: 

Be organized. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” is an incredibly useful advice to stick to. By keeping things organized in the kitchen – from the kitchenware and cutlery, to the condiments and cleaning tools, mothers will not waste time looking for the things they need.

Scout for ready-made cabinets, shelves, and drawers that fit the kitchen and serve as storage for various items. If you have the budget, you can hire a custom-maker of cabinets and a kitchen organizer, so that slots and nooks can be created to address the family’s unique makeup – for example, families with small children who want sharp objects in hard-to-reach places, or those who want to maximize a small space. This way, the arrangement of objects will be intuitive, and there will be less temptation to mess it up. Other members of the family must also be taught to respect the order of things, as their contribution to keeping the house tidy.


Prepare (and use) ingredients and cookware smartly. My dad makes sure to prepare all the ingredients and cookware before he starts cooking. This way, he does not run to the pantry and to the fridge each time he needs something. He also does not shy away from using time saving tools like sliders, graters when needed since it gets the job done at the least amount of time needed. 

Ingredients like garlic or onions should be prepared in batches, and stored for future use. The order of the cooking should be smart, too: dishes that only require light sauteeing should come before those that will have strong flavors, so that the same pan or cauldron can be used even without washing. Furthermore, cookware should be washed immediately after (or soaked in water) so that it is easier and faster to remove the dirt.


Plan a weekly menu. Having a weekly menu can excite the whole family. Planning to have vegetables as a siding for fish? The veggies can be placed in a steamer on top of the rice. Meat, which usually takes a long time to soften, can be used as a main dish, but some can be set aside to spice up the dishes for the next day.

A weekly menu can especially help mom and dads  who prepare packed lunch and snacks for the family. If they are particularly pressed for time, they can place the cooked dishes in microwaveable containers, and just reheat them on the day these will be eaten.

 Use efficient fuel that’s safe for the family. For your cooking needs, choose an LPG brand that bears the mark of safety and quality. When fuel is manufactured according to the highest standards, it becomes every smart mother’s trusted partner for efficient cooking.

Go with a good brand like Solane, which is backed by its manufacturer’s guarantee of superior product quality, safety, and exact weight. To order today, call Solane’s Hatid Bahay hotline number 887-5555 or visit




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