Eat with Gusto: MAPLE at MERANTI defines comfort food 

We had one of our most pleasant dining experience at MAPLE at MERANTI, the in-house cafe of MERANTI Hotel, a four-star luxury hotel in Quezon City. 

Our host for the evening was PR man Nikolai Mari, who graciously extended us the invite and Brix Fernandez, the afable and young hotel GM who was busily flitting between tables, checking in on guests. 

The dining experience will intimidate you at first, with the full table set up and the bottle of wine set before you. But once the food starts coming and you bite into Maple’s warm, in-house bread, be ready for a hearthy, homey dining experience. 

Maple’s in-house bread is a small, round soft bun, crusty on the inside as it is coated with a thin drizzle of maple syrup. Break into the bread, and the soft, buttery taste will immediately hook you in. We started our dinner with an order of my favorite Chilli which came with a side of cornbread. Our friend, The Filipino Rambler, ordered Arugula Salad which came with crushed walnuts, shaved prosciutto and Parmesan. 

Man, it was SO good. 

Equally good were the orders from our other colleagues in the table: a bowl of Chilean Mussels (yes, shipped straight from Chile) and  an order of the Maple salad. 

  1. We paired our meal with a tall glass of Lemon-Cucumber Shake and we highly recommend that you try it. The combination of Lemon and Cucumber provides a refreshing after taste and goes well with any of the dishes we ordered. 

Our entree was the Southern Style Fried Chicken (PHP475): three pieces deep fried chicken, stacked on top of each other; crispy on the outside while soft and juicy on the inside and served on a bed of fries. It is also sumptuous, with a hint of buttermilk in the chicken. Since the servings are huge, we had fun sharing our orders with each other. The others got the Prime Rib Tapa (PHP520) huge slab of prime rib cooked Filipino style and the Maple Clubhouse sandwich (PHP410). 


MAPLE at MERANTI should be your go-to place for hearthy comfort food cooked with flair. The servings are huge and priced not as high compared to other establishments. The food was delicious and flavorful while service is quick and efficient. This is a nice place to celebrate special ocassions. While there, try also their in-house blend for coffee – I had three cups and I just can’t get enough of it. 

Maple at MERANTI is located at the MERANTI Hotel, Scout Castor Street, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City. 

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of MERANTI Hotel as one of their guests. This piece is written according to my own biases and opinions. 

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