Banana Peel brings Summer fun in the city 

I am a child of summer. I love lounging on the sand, the sun on my face and the smell of salt water in my hair. I love road trips and I always get a kick out of getting my first glimpse of the long strips of azure waters upon approaching the ocean. 

What I hate, though, is the busy schedule that my day job entails. It doesn’t give me much time to go on long road trips and for the second consecutive summer, I have spent it in the city – taking consolation with staycations and little RnR in Manila-based hotels. 

That’s why I was genuinely excited to know what’s up when I received the invitation for Banana Peel’s “Summer in the City” held recently at Trinoma. 

The event brought the chill vibe of the beach with giant slip and slides, cool lounge chairs and numerous freebies for the guests. 

“We understand how busy each of us can get these days. We can easily get so caught up in then never-ending demands of work and school, and we end up missing out on that much deserved break. This is why we brought the summer island adventure experience to our customers,” enthused Paul Ng, CEO of The Neat, Inc.’s Banana Peel Flipflops. 

The highlight for me – nonetheless – is the opportunity to destress after a very harrowing week at work. 

First on my list is the free back massage before moving on to the free manicure. 

I almost fell asleep on the massage chair. Unfortunately, the attendant had to wake me up because the line was getting long. The free manicure by Nail It  was another welcome treat as the attendants were using Opi nail polishes. After my two pampering treats, I made a beeline to the Philippine Airlines  as they were giving away free Mabuhay Miles cards to attendees. 

For those who wanted a quick bite, also participating were various food outlets who willingly gave away food items and samples throughout the event. 

But what would be a Banana Peel event without the opportunity to buy our own Banana Peel sandals? The hubby and I are big fans of Banana Peel due to their nice designs and comfortable fit. Unfortunately, the women’s selection that day looked pretty slim to me and I had a hard time choosing a pair to my liking. However, the hubby went crazy as soon as he saw the men’s selection. He loved the designs for their solid color and laid back vibe. 

Took him almost fifteen minutes just going through the whole selection until finally settling in on this one: 

A pretty good buy for PHP250 – comfortable enough to be used at home, but also flashy enough for quick trips to the mall. As for me, I can always check out the Banana Peel kiosk located at Glorietta 2.  

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