The Birthday Manifesto

Like clockwork, as soon as my birthday week rolls around, I get antsy and I start questioning my existence. Call it the birthday blues or mid-life crisis but it’s always the same each time my birthday draws near. 

For this year, I tried to make it different. Instead of whining and complaining, I am now angling for change. 

I will tidy up my life and I will not be afraid to let go. Let go of clothes that never fit me, bags and shoes that I no longer fancy or was just way past its prime;  I will not shortchange my self and will start treating myself to finer things just because I deserved it. I will choose the one that’s better for my body and my self. I will let go of clutter – things and thoughts – that take up space in my home and in my mind. The goal is to edit, edit and edit. Until finally settling for only what’s essential and true. 

I will no longer pursue people, things and careers they never sparked joy in my heart. Between settling and letting go – I will always choose to let go. I will not be afraid to take the big leap, to step up and to leap into the void. I will take risks, calculated yes – but nonetheless risks that jolts me out of being complacent l. 

I will no longer be afraid to say No. I will always use my prerogative, my option for change. I will stop looking for mere jobs and instead focus on finding a career that best suits me. I will pursue what makes me happy and not only what fattens the bank account. I will no longer suffer in behalf of other people. I will no longer work myself to death. Not will I ever report for work when I am clearly sick or struggling. My health will always come first. 

I will find more time to write, to blog and to create art. I will work on my calligraphy and vow to lessen my time on the TV or the Internet. I will exercise more, eat healthier and always strive to keep my mind sharp. 

I will strive to be a better person and choose what is only right, just and fair. 

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