Say Hello to Elephone: the elegant, powerful, affordable smartphone now in Manila via Lazada 

Mobile phones used to be just phones – something to use to make and take calls. And then text messaging happened; in phone camera, and then the wonderful world of apps. 

Suddenly,  phones weren’t just mobile phones. They had to be smartphones: tiny, mean machines fitting the palm of your hand and with the power to arrange schedules, take breath taking photos, stream films and video, connect to the World Wide Web and yes, take calls and send SMS. 

There are many smartphones out in the market today: a mix of stylish, efficient ones with high price tags or the occasional cheap phone, with swanky design but wonky and inferior internals. 

Elephone, one of the emerging smartphone brands from Hong Kong, melds a beautiful balance of form and function. What’s even better, this well-reviewed smartphone brand is now in Manila via Lazada Philippines


HK Elephone Communication Tech Co. Limited CEO Jingui Ji is welcomed by Inanc Balci, Lazada Philippines Co-Founder and CEO

Premium-feel budget smart phone 

Innovative and user-friendly, superior in quality and performance, elegant in design and great value for money – these best describes an Elephone smart phone. Following years of development and innovation, Elephone has gained a very strong following and great reviews in Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Filipinos can now get their hands on an Elephone after the brand entered into a partnership with the Philippines’ number one online marketplace, Lazada Philippines. Lazada will serve as the exclusive distributor of Elephone in the country. 


For its initial foray in the Philippines, Elephone has made available three phone models that best fit any Filipino phone user: 

  • For the sophisticated user there the P9000 – boasting exquisite craftsmanship and superior performance at an affordable price. The P9000 retails for only PHP11,499 and features 1.6mm narrow bezel vision, a 5.5inch display screen with 1920 X 1080 resolution and wireless charging capability. 


P9000 wireles charger
the P9000

  • For those who want to balance form and function with a lower price tag – the P8000 has a 5.5  full HD screen and with fingerprint scanner. The P8000 contains a 3GB RAM, 16gb ROM and runs on Androir 5.1OS. 



  • For the minimalist with the discerning taste, Elephone has the S1 – designed for minimalists with an eye for perfection, the S1 boasts of double-sided glass and metal framing, a 5.0 HD Screen display and a 720o HD display. 


Elephone smartphones will start to go on sale on April 18, 12NN. Be one of the first to get their hands on the unit – head on to

To know more about Elephones and their products, go to 

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