Tom Esconde and Olivia Medina emerge victorious in a fabulous finale for Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016

The finale of Century Tuna Superbods 2016 held recently at the Palace Pool Club was a star-studded, glittery, fabulous affair befitting an event celebrating its tenth year.  


Dashing Marc Nelson and the sexy Gellie Victor share hosting duties
Part-visual spectacle, part celebration of the many successful years of the county’s number one tuna brand and part fitting culmination to an exciting 2016 Superbods staging, the event also paid homage to past Century Tuna ad campaigns and the endorsers who graced them. 


Anne Curtis
Derek Ramsey
Paulo Avelino
Gerald Anderson
KC Concepcion
New generation endorsers: can you find yor favorite?

Bold faced names included Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey, Paulo Avelino, Gerald Anderson, KC Concepcion, Solenn Heussaf, Andrew Wolf, Xian Lim, Isabelle Daza, Phil Younghusband, Aljur Abrenica, Elmo Magalona and Jessy Mendiola. 
However, the highlight was still the coronation of the new face of Century Tuna Superbods, with the winners serving as addition to the elite roster of past winners including 2014 Superbods Mauro Lumba and Sarah Polverini. Past Superbods also paraded the runway and looked back on the personal and professional changes they have encountered following their respective wins. 

Olivia, Tom are the new “Superbods”


Olivia Medina and Tom Esconde

In the end, Filipino-Canadian model Olivia Medina and Fil-Swedish IT Technician Tom Esconde emerged victorious in a roster of 26 finalists, all of which are equally deserving. Bringing home first runner up honors were crowd-favorites Ambra Gutierrez and Clint Bondad, while Chet Abella and Ali Khatibi were named second runners-up. 

Ali And Chet , together with Jessy, Paulo and Phil
Ambra and Clint accepts their prize from KC

Winners all: Ali, Chet, Olivia, Tom, Clint and Ambra

Special prizes were also given for the following categories:   
Best in swimsuit winners: Ambra Gutierrez and Shawn Stansburry 

Fittest individual by Fitness First: Ambra Gutierrez and Clint Bondad 

Belo Beautiful Skin: Chet Abella and Clint Bondad 

Stylish Superbod of the Night: Olivia Medina and Clint Bondad 

Superbods Photogenic: Natalia Lalonde and Tom Esconde 

Runway Superbod of the Night: Chet Abella and Ameen Sardouk 

Mr and Ms. Congeniality: Carmela Fernandez and Jake Khan 

Superbods Challenge Winner: Cassie Umali and Andrew Aurellano 

Peoples Choice: Kaara Tan and Pio Luz 


Special Awards winners

The event served as a fitting culmination of a series of Superbods  events where the number one tuna brand took the opportunity to highlight its platform of health and wellness as its brand’s main advocacy. 

While all finalists possess the bodies to die for and pretty faces to boot, Century Tuna subjected the candidates to a series of physical challenges which underscored the importance of health and welkness. 

Surely, an exciting year ahead awaits Tom and Olivia as they begin their reign as the new poster child for fitness. 


Photo property of the Century Tuna Superbods Facebook page

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