Drs Manny and Pie Calayan on their way to exciting return to the “business of beauty” 

Expect 2016 to be a year of changes and big things for doctors Manny and Pie Calayan.

Following a five year stay in the US where her daughters are studying, Dra. Pie returns to Manila with grand plans in tow for Calayan Surgicenter, now on its 21st year in the beauty business.
 The change begins with the opening of more clinics on top of the two existing locations in Timog Avenue, in Quezon City, and the other in Makati. In the offing for 2016 are new branches in Alabang, with more possible expansions  outside Metro Manila, specifically in Baguio and in Japan.

Next comes a planned rebranding veering away from the existing browns, blacks and dark color scheme of their current locations and giving way to cooler and more comforting pastel shades. Instead of solid walls, they plan to install more glass to allow the passage of air and light. They are also putting in new facial beds, and adding newer and more modern treatment machines. “Papalitan lahat. Our goal is to have a major makeover of the clinics and give them a new image and a fresh, modern look. So the client will feel very at home pa rin at di nila maramdaman na nasa clinic sila,” says Dra. Pie.


The rebrand also includes logo re-design and re-branding from Calayan Surgicenter to Drs. Manny and Pie, who are also called “PieMann” for better recall.

Along with upgrading the clinics and machines, they are also working on their online presence. 

This includes a fortified and improved online presence via their website, http://www.mannyandpiecalayan.com where  all the information on their services and clients are included plus snippets of some of their successful campaigns featuring their famous endorsers.  The Calayans will also launch a YouTube channel  where Dra. Pie answers all questions on skin and beauty, among others.  

But the most important change happening is that the couple plans to make their approach even more personalized.

“We are focusing more now on personalized consultation and treatment. Hands-on,” explains Dra. Pie, who is eager and excited over all the big things happening in their group. “Sa ibang clinics kasi, when you go there for a consultation, maraming doctors, may nagko-konsulta sa iyo, tapos may gagawang iba. But with us it’s really personalized. Kami pa rin ni Doc. And we really try to have a personalized relationship with our clients, that if they have questions, madali kaming ma-contact para sumagot. Si Doc ‘yung nag-o-opera, and I do the procedures, especially if the patient wants it that way. But usually, ‘yun nga, lahat ng surgery kay Doc, lahat ng derma sa akin. So that means lahat ng skin-related issues like pigmentation, fine lines, whitening, I take care of those.”

 Part of the more personalized approach this year is to incorporate a more vegan lifestyle into the advice she dispenses to patients. The Calayans — and Dra. Pie in particular — are avid practitioners of what she calls “alternative dermatology” in which drugs or medicine are not always the first option in treatment.

Health and wellness are now prime concerns. It’s not just about looking good on the outside — the cosmetic aspect of it — but also feeling good on the inside.

She explains: “I try to avoid if possible giving drugs to my patients. The products I have are plant-based, like my lifestyle, because I’m vegan. Nakita ko ang benefit sa akin. Pati patients ni Doc, ako na rin nag-co-consult sa kanila on how to maintain their post-lipo figure. I give them what they can do, what food they can eat, kasi ang plants naman are naturally low in calories.”

 A holistic approach to beauty, that’s what it’s about. It’s like going back to the basics, but in a more modern setting. “I treat the patient as a whole, and not just the symptoms,” says Dra. Pie. “Like with acne for instance, there are a lot of factors why people get acne, so we consider all the factors. We unravel everything that could cause acne, para maiwasan. Gusto ng patients ‘yon, especially teenagers. I don’t introduce chemical or drugs into their bodies.”

With this kind of approach, the Calayans are essentially re-defining beauty. But these innovations do not come with an outrageous price tag. As much as possible, says Dra. Pie, they are keeping the prices to a reasonable level.

They believe beauty is — or should be — for everyone. “We want to cater to people from all walks of life.”

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