If you love watching magic shows and illusionists perform, you will love Masters of Illusion, airing this March at the Sony Channel. 

Originally  performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood back in the early 2000, Masters of Illusion was initially screened on TV in 2012 before finally returning once again via the Sony channel in the Philippines. The show features some of the best magicians in the world, as well as mentalists, illusionists, and escape artists, just to name a few. Relive your love for this classic entertainment that’s full of modern twists.


Viewers should brace themselves for mind-boggling illusions, amazing sleight of hand, breath-taking escapes and even laugh out loud comedy routines. 

Hosted by Dean Cain, Master of Illusions airs weeknights at 7:55pm, first & exclusive on Sony Channel . 

Sony Channel is seen on SKYCable Channel 35, Cignal Digital TV Channel 60, Destiny Cable Channel 62, Cable Link Channel 39.