Be Cool Without the Bruises (or how to safely use your iRover)


For the younger set, nothing can be cooler than dancing one of the latest hits while you float in your iRover — CD-R King’s take on the hottest gadget of the new year. However, as much as you would like to channel your inner Justin Bieber or Jabawockeez, it’s important to note that the iRover is not a toy. Improper usage will lead to injuries or  accidents at home.

To guide the stylish set in using the iRover, CD-R King, the one stop shop in all of your gadget requirements, offers the following safety tips:

  • Age Matters – As per DTI’s consumer’s safety requirement, it should be clear to hoverboard enthusiasts that the gadget is intended for age 14 and above. Protective gear and proper care should be observed at all times when using anything that has two wheels, this includes helmet and wrist guards, elbow and knee pads that should be worn at all times.


  • Safety at all times – First time users should exercise caution at all times – this means the user should be in front of a sturdy handle to achieve balance in riding the iRover. Test your balance by slowly leaning back to move backwards.Gently lean forward to thrust in a slow mode forward. For novice users, always start working on a slow and steady pace until conquering the iRover. In maneuvering towards left, slightly put weight on the right portion of iRover, while in turning right the left portion should bear more weight.

irover edited photo 1

  • Battery Recharging is 6 hours and should be done with extreme caution.
  • Be chill at all times – We know, we know — having your own iRover is cool but kids should always consider safety when using an iRover. As much as possible, an adult should be present at all times to supervise kids. It is also advisable that iRover should ideally be for indoor use only.

The iRover comes in a complete set, including an instruction manual on proper usage.

For more information, visit to find out more.

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