Mustard Seed redefines the art of doing business with 2016 expansion initiatives 

Mustard Seed Systems, leading provider of business solutions in the Philippines is expanding its business solutions as a response to the ever-growing business of its customers.   

Bloggers with top officers of NComputing and Mustard Seed

The business solution provider has added retail solutions, building and industry solutions in its product lines under information technology solutions. With these new business, Mustard Seed is making sure that it’s dynamic clientele enjoys has the needed support to run its business. 

In a recent event with Metro Manila’s selected bloggers, Mustard Seed has introduced some of us emerging products, including NComputing, one of its most promising products. NComputing allows for an innovative and creative desk top visualization solution currently deployed in many of the country’s public schools. 

Mustard Seed also introduced the latest line from Fuji Xerox, which now allows scanning, printing, faxing and even photocopying in one functionality-packed machine. This latest line is the perfect business companion for the emerging SME industry. 

Also introduced was Sensormatic Synergy, the latest technology in retail anti-theft technology for loss prevention, RFID, real time inventory, among others. 

Other than these emerging products, Mustard Seed has also excitedly shared their impending transfer to a larger office in Quezon City. From a small company, the business solutions provider has grown into a powerhouse – with 160 employees and a continuously growing business trusted by some of the county’s top 1,000 companies. Now on its 16th year, Mustard Seed is growing bolder and brighter in 2016. 

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