Beauty Buffet Smile Lines Mask removes fine lines (or makes for a fine walrus look) 

On today’s edition of “the things women do for beauty/eternal youth” I have tried my Beauty Buffet Smile Lines Mask. 

 Facial masks are my thing. A good way to destress for me is to wash my face, put on moisturizer, put on a facial mask and then work on some calligraphy exercises or watch Korean dramas online. Middle age has done this to me – I am now an ajumma who derives her kick out of a freshly opened facial mask. 

Today, I finally got to try my Beauty Buffet Smile Lines Mask –and I realized that the patches were perfect to channel the walrus look. 


Kidding aside, the mask is intended to soften those fine lines that often become visible along the laugh lines. As we grow old, our skin becomes less supple and flexible – so when we laugh, it tends to leave fine lines along the mouth and cheeks. 

With Jojoba and Hope Extract as one of the main ingredients, the mask promises more supple, firmer skin – this is very important for a girl approaching middle age. 

I am enjoying Watson’s line of Beauty Buffet masks and in fact have a stash at home. It’s the kind I bust out when it’s Friday and my idea of a chill Friday night is to slather one on my face, bust out the laptop and watch marathons of “2Days, 1Night” on DramaCool. 

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