Review: Enjoying my calorie-counted meals with Princess Healthy Kitchen 


As part of my wellness journey this year, I vowed to start eating healthy. This was actually an offshoot of the calorie counted meal delivery which I started in December 2015. 

Starting to have calorie-counted meals delivered in the midst of the Holiday season was a mistake I immediately regretted as soon as the first round of Holiday festivities came calling. I mean, who starved themselves during the holiday season? You don’t. So I wasted 1,800 peso for the five day delivery over the holidays and my weight stayed the same. 

With the coming of the new year, I decided to renew my subscription for a calorie counted meal service. This time, instead of getting the same provider, I decided to try another supplier. 

I was hoping for more flavor on my meal – while the earlier supplier I got was indeed, “delicious” – I was hoping for my flavor, more diversity in my meals. This time, I got my calorie counted meals through Princess Healthy Kitchen, ran by my old coaches from FitFil (Fit Filipinos). 

What I love about Princess Healthy Kitchen is that it’s so distinctly homemade: meats bursts with flavor and you find the best representation of a well-balanced meal, with abundance of vegetables on the plate.Princess Healtjy Kitchen dispels the notion that healthy food is hardly flavorful or delicious because every packed meal is wonderfully seasoned and cooked. There is no doubt that there is a talented cook behind this operation. 

 I know for a fact that they only use organic ingredients in all their meal offerings and for only PHP1600, it’s already a steal for a three-course, five day meal. What’s more – your meals are labeled per delivery so you’ll know what goes into your mouth. 

My only gripe is that I wish Princess Healthy Kitchen will offer more creative afternoon snacks instead of the usual cookie or fruit. I do miss the awesome brownie from my previous provider. But for the affordable amount it’s being offered to health-conscious fellows like me, I am not complaining 

If you’d like freshly made food delivered to your home or office, contact Princess Magbata by liking PRINCESS HEALTHY KITCHEN on Facebook and send her a message, she usually replies immediately. 

Disclaimer: this is not a paid post. 

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