Hello 2016! 

Hello 2016 – and thank you 2015 for a fruitful start for KamikazeeGirl. 

2015 has been a very auspicious start for this blog. I purchased my domain name Last January 1, 2015 with the intention to take this site publicly. While it took me six months, in June of 2015, to finally have the courage and bring this blog and myself out from the shadows – the opportunity finally came with my first invite as a blogger from Lazada Philippines.

From there, the invitations and events just kept on rolling – in the span of six months, I have written about Philippine real estate, beauty products, health supplements, health runs and campaigns to restaurant reviews and hotel stays. 

The best part about taking this blog public is the opportunity to meet a lot of people and new friends. I have been blessed to meet some of the most amazing, most creative people during event coverage and remain in awe of how they want to take their blogs to the next level. These are individuals that are very dedicated and very passionate about their respective blog sites. I have learned a lot from them.

The  perfect ending to the year was the opportunity to host my first blog giveaway courtesy of the generosity of Nichols Airport Hotel. (Incidentally, you have until this week to send in your entries!) 

For 2016, I want to take this blog up the next level and make it a worthwhile read to its visitors. 

  • Always write original articles – Give back to event organizers and PR contacts by writing original posts. 
  • Resolve to always feature a product or the company’s unique brand identity – what makes them tick? What makes the product different? Is the service/ product according to the company’s brand identity? 
  • Attend more events – a bit tricky since I have a responsibility to my full-time work. 
  • Give back – if opportunity permits, host more giveaways 
  • Improve blog format and possible hosting 

Let’s rock 2016 – here’s to more opportunities and discovering new friends. 

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