#TypeKita: A collective effort for creative souls


As someone who recently rediscovered her creative streak as a means to combat stress, I a more than glad to lend support for initiatives that’s all about the arts. 

One of the events i am most looking forward to is the Type Kita Exhibit happening on December 12 and 13 at the former Bosch Building in Pasong Tamo. If you want to improve your hand lettering or calligraphy game, you can take advantage of the capsule classes and workshops happening on that day.  Classes will be on a first-come, first-served basis and there will be sign up sheets in the venue so if you are interested, don’t forget to have your tools with you. 

 The Card and Notebook Drive meanwhile is for guests who would like to craft their own Christmas cards and notebooks. 

These customized greeting cards, notebooks and journals will be part of gift items for the kids of Project Pearls! Surely, the kids will be glad to see hand-lettered and hand-written notes for the holidays. 

To get to venue, follow these instructions:   

Type Kita is for the benefit of the kids of Project Pearls, which conducts outreach programs for the kids living in slum communities in Tondo, Manila. 

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