The travails of being a woman (My Favorite Things Issue 4): Hair and skin gripes

(Before I begin, a note for the boys. This post contains mentions of body hair and body fluids. Consider yourself warned) 

Of all the things that can be a bit cr@ppy about being a woman-the monthly bleeding and cramping, resembling the Death Star during pregnancy, being subjected to harassment and sexism-nothing can be lousier than dealing with hair. 

Not the hair up there, but the ones in every nook and crevice where hair grows: the pits, the legs, the eyebrows (that needed taming) and of course the unmentionables. If you are from my family whose members are blessed with a surplus of hair (i.e. Balbon), then good luck. I used to be an advocate of shaving but shaving can be a drag and it takes too long, and hair usually grows back all pointy and thick which I hate. Right now, I swear by the powers of LayBare, whose 6750 branch remains my go-to place and whose resident waxing technician, Maria, resides on my speed dial. 

But what do you do when it’s the time of the month and you’re starting to see an abundance of hair? You find a way to get rid of it. Plus, I am getting tired of hiding my legs cos it currently resembles the long lost sister of Chewbaca. 

So earlier at SM Watsons, I finally took the bait and bought this: 

Veet Hair Removal Cream touts itself as a guaranteed way to remove skin close to the root, leaving skin smooth and silky-soft. It comes in three variants, but I chose the one with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for sensitive skin. 

Because it’s just my first time and I just want to try it out, I bought the small tube, 25 grams for PHP107. A pack contains Veet Cream in a 25 gram squeeze tube and a “spatula-like” applicator.  In my mind, I wouldnt be too bummed if I tried it and it still didn’t work. 

Sorry for the icky picture of my hairy leg – they’re not as icky in real life as in this picture. Usually, they grow sparsely and years of waxing them off have turned them very fine and light. 
To use Veet Cream, you need to apply first a small amount on a small area of your leg. This is to test if you are not allergic to the product. I do not apply the cream directly to my skin, but instead on the back part of the spatula which I then use to spread the cream to the area. Make sure the hair you want to remove is well-coated in cream. Wait 5-10 minutes before you scrape it off. If you have no allergic reactions or did not feel any tingling or burning sensation, you may proceed to the rest of the area. 

 It’s best to have a tissue nearby where you can wipe the cream residue with the scraped off hair in it. The smell is a bit weird, though. Similar to the chemicals you smell in the salon when you’re having your hair treated. 

Product cautions against swimming and engaging in any physical activity that leads to sweating within 24 hours of application.


I am very happy with the results and will definitely consider Veet as an alternative to waxing. The cream can only be applied on the legs and underarms and NOT on the face or in any sensitive part of the body (areola, inner thigh, genitalia, etc). 

Another product I love and which I always associate to getting a bit of relaxation are Face Masks. 

I love face masks – whether the Aloe Vera ones from Face Shop, InnisFree or any Korean brand or the generic brands  we see on the supermarket. We were at Watsons yesterday and I took the opportunity to try out two brands which I always see at Watsons: Beauty Buffet and Skin Recovery.

I love skin care products with charcoal as the primary ingredient. I tend to have oily skin and the charcoal works best to keep the oil at bay. They also tend to tighten the skin which leads to younger looking skin. When you are as old as I am, I can assure you that being mistaken for a college student is a sure fire way to turn a crummy day into something happy. 


happy halloween!

I left the sheet mask for 14 minutes, spreading the serum to my neck while making sure the mask is firmly spread on my face. After 15 minutes, I wiped any residue with cotton and was in heaven for the silky-smooth feel of my face. 

I look forward to trying the Green Tea and Collagen infused mask by Skin Recovery. Maybe I’ll do this again by Thursdsy and will report to you how it feels on my skin. 

Being a woman (and a presentable one at that) takes a lot of work. How I wish we all had Fairy Godmothers whose flick of a magic wand will turn us all into Disney princesses. However that’s not how the world works. So we grit our teeth, yank any stray hairs and keep our skin and smooth – not for others, but for us, because it makes is happier and sanier. 


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