Meet Reyn Talosig and know what’s up with the country’s “toughest man”

It’s easy to claim that you are tough but trying to prove it is another story.

If you’ve managed to go through an obstacle race course where you had to carry a huge wheel and load it on a truck using only your body strength – this and more in a strict time pressure – then, you must be Reyn Talosig. Dubbed as “The Daring Dreamer” during the recently concluded “KIX R U Tough Enough” competition, Talosig bested nine equally strong men (and woman) to bag the title.

Photos of Winner (1)
KIX RUTE winner Reyn Talosig

KIX, the ultimate destination for action-entertainment has awarded Talosig PHP250,000 plus the distinction of being the “Toughest Pinoy” during the conclusion of probably one of the “toughest physical competition” in the country – thanks to the legendary RUTE course.
The RUTE course was alternately and often all at once grueling, mind numbing, and dizzying. All the elite finalists who competed that day finished, but every single one struggled to do so, incurring multiple penalties along the way. Talosig however, blasted through the course as though it was his personal playground, only one of the other competitors was even close to his time. His victory at RUTE though is just the tip of the iceberg, this deeply religious single dad, and avid classical music enthusiast approaches life in a manner that is simply inspiring.

Group Photo 10 Finalists with Dan and Creator of RUTE2
Talosig with the rest of the RUTE challengers and KIX RUTE ambassador Daniel Matsunaga

A modern renaissance man, Talosig more often than not succeeds at excelling at the endeavors he pursues. Talosig is a graduate of one of UP’s more selective and difficult programs, as if that weren’t difficult enough, he had to earn most of his degree as a young single dad.

A believer in the sound mind sound body philosophy, Reyn has always been a runner, something he still does religiously three to four times a week. This worked for him as the RUTE course really required exceptional cardio-vascular fitness.

Reyn is also a “fan of martial arts” who has practiced Karate, Muay Thai, and was a competitive wrestler in college. However, he credits his current martial art Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with giving him an edge during RUTE: “It helped with movement, and body positioning. There was a challenge wherein we had to spin around a bat several times, and in Jiu-Jitsu, we have to spin and roll a lot, so I think that helped.” After the bat spinning challenge contestants had to ride a bicycle through a short slalom, and while most of the contestants struggled just to stay on the bike, Reyn appeared completely unaffected, and got through the challenge quickly.

Reyn is a believer in functional training, and has varied his training routine over time. He had a specific routine for his rock climbing days, and then another for his wrestling days: “You have to make sure that every exercise you do is tailored to your sport.”    

From the way he performed every challenge during the competition, you wouldn’t know that Reyn was actually suffering from the flu, and on medication. Not only that, his girlfriend Cheann Kubota, a model who was supposed to have been one of only two female competitors, was sidelined with an even worse case of the flu. As is typical of him though, Reyn is quick to dismiss this as a credit to his own prowess, and to give credit to God: “It was grace, I prayed very hard for the Holy Spirit to give me strength.” Reyn also intimates that Cheann’s sidelining gave him an extra push: “It motivated me to dedicate my performance to her.”

A true example of what a person can accomplish with the right spiritual and mental attitude and emotional toughness, through R U Tough Enough? KIX has found the embodiment of the tough Pinoy spirit in model, writer, all around athlete, and musician Reyn Talosig.

RUTE was co-sponsored by Fisherman’s Friend, supporting partners SM Megamall, SM City North Edsa, Gold’s Gym, FHM, Mellow 94.7, Men’s Health, Beer Below Zero, Columbia Sportswear, Mountain Hardwear, National Book Store, Pacific Xtreme Combat and Pilipinas 911; official media partners are Skycable, Cablelink, Destiny and Cignal.

KIX is available on Skycable Ch.63, Cablelink Ch.220, Destiny Cable Ch.10 and Cignal Ch 133.

 (Press Release)

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