Blogapalooza 2015: A first-time attendee’s favorite things 

It’s only been only three months since I started making my blog public. Before, it was more of an online diary of my day-to-day observations and was solely for my consumption. Until one day, sorely missing my lifestyle reporter days and fed up with the usual corporate BS I had to deal with on a daily basis, I decided to make the blog public and position it as a place where brands get representation through clever lifestyle writing. 

Since I am working full time as a Brand and PR head, my attendance to events is usually limited and dictated by my work hours. An event like Blogapalooza has made it easier and more convenient to me to meet new brands and get exposure as a blogger as well. As a “newbie” blogger,” I am grateful to the organizers for the chance to be included. 

Aside from meeting brands, Blogapalooza is an opportunity to meet new friends and reconnect with fellow bloggers who have became good acquaintances and enjoy each other’s company. The event had the vibe of one big school fair for a tightly knit community.

Here are my favorite things during the Blogapalooza: 

1. Meeting off-beat products and innovative ideas like  I Am Cardboard PH 

Mike and Emil of I Am Cardboard PH

If there’s one thing to describe I Am Cardboard – the best I can come up with is that it’s “interesting.” Imagine getting the opportunity to access virtual reality by means of handheld cardboard devices. It’s a fun device which makes you lose track of time once you got your hands on one. 

2. Knowing more about my health courtesy of Dr. Kong’s 

 I have long suspected that I am flat footed since I tend to stumble around a lot. I always credit this to being my usual clumsy self. A visit to Dr. Kong’s disputed one of these two things: that I am flat footed and confirmed that I am just clumsy. Based on the  study done on-site, I have a case of mild high arches of the feet. This causes imbalance and slight pain  during prolonged standing or walking. Dr. Kong offers shoes and shoe inserts that can support the feet. I loved the fact that Dr. Kong gave away discount cards which can be used when you purchase their shoes nationwide. 

3. Yummy food courtesy of Manong’s Lechon Cebu and Bagwings courtesy of FoodPanda



Who will say no to free Lechon, especially if it’s as juicy as the one offered by Manong’s Lechon Cebu? You can immediately sense that a Lechon was in the immediate vicinity after you’ve heard the familiar rhythm brought by a meat clever and paired it with the long line of people seen snaking in the area behind the stage. Owned by the friendly Roland Panares, the Lechon was a hit amongst the bloggers and as early as 11AM, many had already surreptitiously dropped by the booth excited to get a glimpse of the suckling pig. 

 The other long line that day was just outside venue and right by the food truck called BagWings. Brought by premier food delivery app Food Panda, BagWings offered food combinations that was a hit to the Blogapalooza crowd. The usual favorite was the crispy bagnet and buffalo wings combo with ordered backed up to a line that was more than 20 people deep. This nourishment for bloggers was courtesy of the people behind FoodPanda whose booth was one of the favorites that day. I am actually happy that I managed to download their app which comes handy whenever it’s crunch time in the office and people are desperate to order and eat. 

4. Happily geeking out with the Gaming Library 


I went to the Blogapalooza with my ever supportive hubby – and when I asked him which booth was his favorite, he immediately zeroed on the Gaming Library. Gaming Library displayed their board games on sale and even had a staff doing the demo on the store’s many titles at hand. Being geeks that we are, we immediately proceeded to try Halli Galli Extreme, a fun speed game. I look forward to dropping by Gaming Library’s gaming cafe located at Kapitolyo, Pasig one of these days. 

5. Amazing interactive booths from Lactium whose Stress Test was on-point  

The test offered by health supplement, Lactium only confirmed what is obvious considering my current lifestyle. I was given tips for weight management considering my struggles with my weight and was given samples of Lactium which aids in managing stress.  
6. Meeting a lot of brands and knowing more about how businesses tick 

Outbreak Manila


Victoria Court

Ace Water Spa

As someone whose day job is in Branding/PR, I am amazed and impressed how these businesses were able to approach and market their brands considering that Blogapalooza hosted about 800 bloggers writing across various styles (tech, lifestyle, mommy) that day. 

The success of Blogapalooza shows an ever evolving medium of promoting and marketing products and services using the emerging clout of the online influencers. In my day job, it’s an interesting study and interesting experience that will help me a lot as I draw plans for marketing promotions initiatives next year. In my alternate life as a blogger, it is a very welcome opportunity to get my name out there and hopefully gain more name recall as I set out to make this site a more productive and helpful one to brands. 

I hope that I will get to repeat the experience next year and my congratulations again to the team behind Blogapalooza. Their hard work and concern to the blogging community and their promotions of ethical and responsible new media is truly commendable.


 Note: First in a series of posts on Blogapalooza and its participants 

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