Be a Humanitarian: Join the Red Cross Million Volunteer Run


There are many ways to do something good. It can be volunteering for your local charity, donating and even supporting causes near and dear to your heart through fund raising and events. 

Doing good is good for your soul. It makes you realize that in a greater scheme of things, you are part of a bigger picture. 

During the many calamities that hit the Philippines, the Philippine Red Cross is one of the organizations that are always there, sometimes even the first one on the scene risking life and limb to save other people’s lives. This is a laudable feat, considering that this is an organization that relies solely on volunteers and donations to survive. 

It’s now our chance to help the Red Cross gather funds for their upcoming projects including new tractors and backhoes. Please, please support the Million Volunteer Run happening on December 13. Joining fee is PHP400 and includes singlet and a unique MVRH Runner Card. 

Registrations sites include the many local Red Cross chapters nationwide, through SM Ticketnet and online at the SM Ticketnet site. 

The Red Cross is targeting to hit PHP 1.2B which will go a long way in funding its humanitarian efforts. 
Note: this is just the first on a series of post about the Philippine Red Cross, one of the best independent agencies in the country today. 


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