My favorite things (Week 2): Of pen and brush addictions and all things artsy-fartsy 

October and November are Strategic Planning months. For corporate slaves like me, these are the months when times are usually  spent stuck in a board room while the rest of the office leadership contemplates our next move for 2016. 

In my case, this post has been burning holes in the draft for two days already so it’s only fitting I finish this. That, and the fact that I have tons of backlog posts that I need to also take care of. 

As mentioned, to say that this week is tiring is a major understatement. Strategic planning and budgeting in the corporate world is always akin to dementors: soul-sucking, draining and dreaded exercise but truly necessary for the ecosystem. 

This week, my favorite things are the ones who truly make me happy:  

happiness in a pot of paint

It’s the smell of wet paint, a wet brush leaving puddles and marks on a  crisp white paper. It’s creative exercises and learning new font style. 

I am a frustrated artist, the kind whose lack of college funds pushed me to choose between a visual arts school and a communications degree in a state run university. This is a frustration which I feel will haunt me for the rest of my life. So now, in the middle of spreadsheets and Comm plans, I sneak in hand lettering practice and pining pegs on my Pinterest board for font types and styles. 

Watercolor is a medium that is still tricky to me but am already excited to try it out. I don’t know if I will still enrol in additional classes or would just wing it on my own, considering the number of tutorials and classes online. 

I tried using the Aquash water brush by Pentel and I find it easy to use and with lesser threat of spills – perfect for a newbie like me still learning the tricks of water color painting. 



 For markers and pens, I am partial to Artline and Z!G Brand. For pen calligraphy, I use Artline flat pens, from number 1 to 3. For other hand lettering requirements, I usually use ZIG’s line of colored markers. I usually get my pens from the National Bookstore branch in Glorietta 2 where they keep a nice stock of various styles and types. 

The last one I’ll feature this week is one I am very excited about and are already eagerly awaiting its release: 


already excited to get the new Planner from CBTL!
I am a big fan of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) and could probably live on Genmaicha tea for the rest of my life.  I loved the fact that you can sit in peace in any CBTL and have ulit coffee and pastry without the threat of dealing with noise or shrieking groups of people busy taking 100 photos of their Venti Mocha Frappucino and posting them on FB. 

I love that this brand is very heavy in terms of supporting the arts and crafts community of Manila. I am also a fan of their understated branding and creative execution on their store collaterals and materials. 

One of the things I love about CBTL is their Giving Journal. The one I have currently serves as my work journal and usually goes through a beating just trying to manage my schedule as deliverables. 

I am eagerly looking forward to the roll out of the Giving Journal 2016 sticker collecting activity which begins tomorrow, 23 October 2014 across all CBTL branches nationwide. (More on this on a separate post) 

What about you? How do you stay creative? 

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