Be a joy to others 

Let me share you a story about a young lady I met during the launch of the new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal. 

It’s always nice to be complemented, especially when someone appreciates your talent. Have you imagined a random stranger showing appreciation for what you can do? Or going out of your way to befriend you? 

Neither do I. Being inherently shy (!), I tend to keep to myself until someone talks to me or acknowledges me. It’s a personality quirk that I hate because it leaves me paralyzed to approach potential new friends. 

That is why it is both a happy coincidence and a nice surprise when one of the attendees for CBTL’s Giving Journal approached me and complimented me on my hand lettering work. After I went inside, Liz approached me and mentioned that she hoped to sit with me if I was alone. 

The  candidness and her refreshing take on approaching strangers (one that is perpetually scowling, mind you) provided me with a new outlook on life. How many opportunities for friendship have I lost just because I looked to unapproachable or because I was too much of a wuss to intiate the first hello? Liz’ refreshing honesty and her natural charm and interest in people allowed her to be open. At 22, this young lady taught me-an old hat-a valuable lesson in seeing beyond first impressions. 


me and my new friend, Liz with the new CBTL Giving Journal

How about you? When was the last time you showed genuine interest in others? Do you let first impressions or shyness keep you from meeting new friends? 


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