UNO Premiere: The Multi-Level Marketing Game Changer 

Getting embroiled into multiple controversies did not help the reputation of multilevel marketing (MLMs) companies in the country. There is a certain gravitas, certain sense of dread when you hear about MLMs. People often meet it with skepticism and a certain level of worry. 

Unlimited Network of Opportunities (UNO), one of the country’s leading MLMs heavily invested in the sale and distribution of health and wellness products, is out to change the game on its 10th year. 


As one of the country’s longest lasting MLM companies, UNO is on a mission to set the bar high when it launched UNO Premier, it’s MLM business specifically for the A and B market. The launch, marked by a gathering held at its posh BGC High Street office, highlights the strategic direction of UNO for its UNO Premier arm of the business. 

William Barbo, the affable president for UNO explains that the launch of UNO Premier is a natural progression that the fast growing company is really poised to take, considering the response of its members and its market. 

UNO president William Barbo

UNO currently has offices nationwide and in Macau, HK, Singapore, the Middle East among other countries and enjoys  a growing number of members across the region. 

Barbo enthuses, “With our growing business across the region, we have decided to launch UNO Premier to fully cater to the A&B Market.” UNO Premier carries the following products: NutriFab Plum which is one of the company’s top sellers and is known for aiding digestion and fitness; premium soap Nouvelle and high end health supplements, Sante Berries and Procardio. 

With a mission to give distinction to UNO’s unique brand of network marketing, Barbo aims to bring the company to more accolades and to rise above the common notion against network marketing companies. As aid to this mission, Barbo tapped renowned network marketers and sales miracle worker Jose Fabregas to further professionalize and train the network marketer mindset of its members. 


Jose Fabregas, director of training for UNO
“I want our members to look at themselves as businessmen, businesswomen…because if they look at MLM as a get rich quick scheme, then that’s a problem,” Fabregas explained. 

Fabregas highlighted that network marketing is a business that fully rewards hardworking professionals and that’s the same thing he wants to inculcate with UNO’s thousand of members. 

With the launch of UNO Premier, the network marketing company is poised to further raise the bar in the MLM industry. With forward looking executives, promising products and bigger target market – UNO is truly set to be a game changer. 

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