Love your heart with ATC Fish Oil

(Press Release)


My family has a history of elevated blood pressure, with two family members succumbing to the disease. As much as possible, we try to manage our blood pressure by eating right and beating stress as much as we can. 

The problem with eating right is that it’s not easy to do when you have a family of picky eaters. Most of the time, we have chicken or meat at home. Fish and vegetables are always a one-off case, which is unfortunate because sea food and fish is actually good for the body and especially, for the heart. 

In my case, I supplement this by taking  ATC Fish Oil. It has Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA which are essential nutrients for a healthier heart. This helps lower blood pressure, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels. ATC Fish Oil protects against life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, stroke and other heart problems.  

I usually take a capsule twice a day, usually with lukewarm water. I’d like to think that this helps me maintain my normal BP, in spite my busy schedule and less-than-stellar body weight. 

ATC Fish Oil retails for P6.00 per capsule and is Available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. 
Disclosure:  Part of an ongoing ATC Campaign. This is not a paid post. 

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