Finding my weight with Reducin

My constant battles with my fluctuating weight has always been well documented on this site. There are many instances when I always end up ranting because I managed to gain back every pound that I lost. 

When I had the opportunity to talk to a nutritionist, she mentioned that there are a lot of factors that often lead to weight gain. Aside from the food we eat and the lack of exercise, aging also plays a big role in our battle against the bulge.  When we age, our metabolism slows down. Behaviorally, our habits change as well. We become busier with various aspects in life. It doesn’t help that in my busy schedule, what is immediately accessible to eat are processed food and snacks that doesn’t do anything to help us lead healthier lives. My busy schedule also led to lack of sleep which also causes weight gain.

Suffice to say, I have tried everything just to properly manage my weight: I joined a fitness club, watched what I ate and even tried running (much to discomfort of my weak knees). The only thing that I didn’t try because I didn’t like the icky feeling that came with it is to drink weight supplements. One particular product which others swore by was known to lead to frequent trips to the bathroom and even-God forbid-embarrassing incidents in the middle of the day. I don’t want that inconvenience and discomfort. I wanted something that will help me manage my eating without the hassle of frequent and messy bathroom trips. 

So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried ATC’s   Reducin, an anti-obesity food supplement. 


my weight management partner

I have been drinking Reducin for almost a month already and I can say that I am happy with the results. 

A capsule of Reducin contains 120 mg of Orlistat. It is a gastric and pancreatic lipase inhibitor for obesity management. 

Reducing works by preventing some of the fat in foods eaten from being absorbed in the intestines. Then, excreting these fat through bowel movement. Along with a low-calorie diet and proper exercise, Reducin can help you get back on track and lose those extra pounds. Break free from obesity, diabetes, triglycerides, cholesterol, other health risks and their associated high costs.  
Reducin should be taken 3 times a day before every meal. If a meal is missed or contains minimal or no fat, the dose should be omitted. Reducin is P29.50 per capsule. Available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Am I happy with Reducin? This is a definite yes. Aside from the consumer-friendly price point, I love that Reducin fits perfectly in my busy lifestyle. I bring my dosage with my everyday and take it before I eat without worrying of the possible embarrassment of frequent bathroom breaks. 

To properly account for my weight management, I also started seeing an endocrinologist with the hopes understanding my body more. 

Reducin, like all other health supplements, is there to aid me in my weight loss journey – however, it is still important to understand your body and couple supplement-taking with proper diet and exercise. 

This post is part of a current ATC campaign. However, I am really a Reducin-taker and I really love the product. This is not a paid post

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