Sing your heart out with the new “top of the line” Major H-10 from Platinum Karaoke

The Philippines is a country that loves to sing. In every occasion, in every home — no matter where you maybe — as long as one of the households belong to a Filipino family, you can bet your money that somewhere in the living room you will find the man of the house belting “Delilah” by Tom Jones or the woman of the house singing her heart out to “Top of the World” by the Carpenters.

In our home, singing in the videoke is a rite of passage and a badge that you belong. I am part of a clan who loves their spirits the same way they love their music. My memories of being coaxed to perform, while thrust in front of almost the whole clan (mostly at varying levels of drunkenness) hark back to pre-high school years. While most of the women in the family (my sister, foremost) possessed an enviable singing voice, mine stopped to just sounding possessed.

No matter where we are, the videoke is a symbol of every fun gathering. Somehow, in spite the delicious food, a gathering or a celebration won’t be complete without someone belting his heart out on the videoke.

Pltinum Karaoke (MAJOR HD10)

(from the press release)

Just in time for the upcoming holidays, Platinum Karaoke launched its latest and most high-end model recently via a fun Videoke night with selected bloggers and online influencers. The event also heralds the launch of Platinum Karaoke’s Shop in Shop at Lazada online ( Platinum has partnered with Lazada to make their array of products accessible to the online community.

Aside from the Major H-10, the Shop in Shop within the Lazada platform also offers Platinum’s other legacy line of videoke machines as well as accessories. 

Platinum Karaoke, makers of high quality and high definition karaoke machines and accessories that is perfect for every home, is an amazing brand that is sure to bring about fun and enjoyment, offering thousands of songs, high-definition video and images, very affordable and up-to-date upgrade, and excellent sound quality.

The new Platinum Karaoke model, MAJOR HD-10, is not just a karaoke system but a full entertainment package in itself. MAJOR HD-10 is equipped with high-end specifications which include dual core processor, DDR3 Technology, over 30,000 international songs, 1 TB Hard Disk Drive storage that makes it a reliable and very powerful karaoke player. MAJOR HD-10 prides itself with innovative multimedia functions that enable the user to play, store, edit and copy any media files in the karaoke player acting as a media player and console at the same time. This means that the user can save any media file into the karaoke system from movies, series, music videos and a whole lot more. Play any media file while in full karaoke mode!

Platinum Karaoke has its own advanced recording studio to program all songs as close to the original. Every high-end and mid-level unit is programmed with live-recorded background vocals and Training Songs with the Auto Main Vocal Technology.  The Training Song is an automatic function wherein pre-recorded vocals are played to guide the user on the right vocals and tone to hit as the song plays.

Platinum Karaoke is all about fun and happiness. As Platinum Karaoke aims to provide millions of Filipinos locally and all over the world high definition music and entertainment, the brand has chosen Vice Ganda, being a versatile and total performer with comedic nature and a trendy recording artist. Vice Ganda indeed well-represents the unique features and benefits of Platinum Karaoke – high definition at ‘Bonggang’ sound. Truly, Platinum Karaoke is the only choice for both Vice Ganda and Angeline Quinto. With thousands of songs more than what its competitors provide in the market, you get to “Birit Pa More” with their new product, and two amazing and inspiring performers.

Platinum Karaoke is available in all leading music stores nationwide ( & through their online partner LAZADA Philippines ( For more information, please visit

During the launch of  the latest karaoke line in  the market, bloggers were given the opportunity to test and experience one of Platinum Karaoke’s valuable machines. It wad a nice product and had the distinction of making my singing voice more tolerable that it already is.

I am actually looking forward to an upcoming fund which will allow me to purchase a unit of Platinum Karaoke. My dad wanted one for the longest time and upcoming Christmas actually sounds like a good venue to give him something he really loves and deserves.

The Platinum Videoke retails at PHP24,999 and can be bought worry and hassle-free through Lazada Philippines (links indicated above).

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