Say goodbye to Grey with Grey Away

All the ladies in my father’s side of the family have one thing in common: premature greying of the hair. While we are all blessed with thick, luscious hair at the start – you can bet that at a certain age, the Greys will start to show until it becomes an obvious distraction and inconvenience.

Mine started when I was 23 and more than ten years after, I have to resort to coloring my hair various shades of the rainbow just to cover the grey. That is until I got sick of it and decided to just stop coloring and let it grey out. The plan was to maintain my hair’s health for the meantime, considering all the bleaching and coloring I did in the last six years. I am planning to have it colored jet black by end of the year to address the thick patch of grey on my right temple. 

Now, I am happy to share that there’s now a product which aims to help bring the black  for those like us with premature greying hair: 

 (From the press release) 

Look young and say goodbye to Grey hair! 

A breakthrough product that will bring back the natural color of your crowning glory! Grey Away is for people with visible grey hair that brings back the natural color of hair strands and prevents it from turning grey without the risk of the harmful effects of colorants. 

Available for only Php 995.00, Grey Away is available in all leading drugstores, selected supermarkets, and department stores nationwide. 

For more information like Grey Away’s official facebook page: Grey Away or follow @greyaway on Instagram.

I have yet to try it but I am looking forward to seeing if it will work. Maintaining hair with premature aging is not easy, time-consuming and most especially, expensive. Who knows, Grey Away might be the solution to my “grey” problem. 

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