Lighten up your home with creative modular lamps

One of the most cost-efficient and creative way to decorate your home is to pick a good lamp that compliments your interiors. A carefully thought-of lamp, placed on the most strategic places is guaranteed to be a conversation piece and will definitely add much-needed light and vigor to your home.

When decorating with lamps, make sure you have a style or a peg in mind on how your home would look like — where do you plan to put it? Are you using just one or many? What’s the general design theme of your home? This is important because your home accessories and design should be according to the over all theme of your home (if any).

credit to owner
credit to owner
Credit to Owner
Credit to Owner

For those looking for a different kind of lamps, Light’emUp Creative Lamps offer its modular lamps. The lamp uses polycarbonate which is durable, heat resistant, color-stable, and 100% recyclable. The best thing about having modular lamps is that you will never run out of ways to redesign and re-shape your lamp. It’s like having something new all the time since shapes can be changed into 22 different configurations.

These lamps would look so good lighted in your patio or front porch
These lamps would look so good lighted in your patio or front porch

For those who are not sure on how to reshape the lamp, LightemUp can reshape it for free. Lamps also come with instructions so those who love to DIY can easily do it.

The lamps are weather and water-proof so they can be used indoors and outdoors–it actually looks good as accents to the garden or lanai, or even accents to your children’s rooms.

To clean, knockdown the shade, and wash with soap and water, or withey can spray the lamp with water, no need to dismantle. We use led bulbs for artisan lamps, and energy saving bulbs for the lantern type.

And now that Christmas is fast-approaching, the lamps serve as a good decoration for the home, the office or even accent pieces during Christmas parties.



The distinctive geometric multi-petaled design comes in range of pop colors that will add a glow to their interiors or exteriors. The lamps costs from PHP650 to PHP1,500 depending on the size and design of the lamp. Light’emUp can customize and play with the colors depending on your preference. 
Light’emUp also offers lamps for rent for weddings, events and corporate parties.
Decorating your home – especially during the Holidays doesn’t have to be expensive.  Try using lamps to highlight a space for a fun, cozy, relaxing vibe. Incorporate your personality on how you want your space to look like.
Light’emUp Creative Lamps can be purchased online. To order, go to their Facebook page: Light’emUp is also on Instagram:

All lamp photos courtesy of Light’emUp Creative Lamps

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