Affordable brewed coffee business made available for you

Everyone loves coffee. I used to have six cups of coffee a day, until I was warned by the doctor and I had to stop. It’s one of the earliest habits I picked up when I started writing for a living. My brain refused to function without a shot of caffeine. Now, I am lucky if I can at least a cup in a day.

Having a unique coffee shop is also one of my dream businesses. Serve good comfort food and coffee and maybe allow people to read and relax and catch up without the noise usually present in big-name franchised coffee shops.

No bull, no frills — just plain  good ol’ brewed coffee.

Instead of renting the usual “3-in-1” vending machines that dispenses instant coffee, why not try a coffee machine that dispenses quality brewed coffee?


(From the press release)

This is where I Luv Coffee Express by Essential Brands Group South East Asia (EBG SEA) comes into play.  These coffee machines are called “bean-to-cup” machines since they process real coffee beans, mix them with either milk or chocolate or serve them as pure coffee to your clients all with just the press of a selection button.  You can serve 100 cups per hour to your customers using these machines plus since they are high in quality it can last for years.

I Luv Coffee Express coffee machines are in fact deployed in various convenience stores including Mini Stop, 7-11 and even San Miguel Food Avenue.  If you are travelling at NAIA 3 you can experience great coffee from this coffee machine at the Delta Airlines lounge.

Coffee is a well-loved addition to a store or even a restaurant.  Most frequently those who are exhausted or wanted to pass by time will drink coffee and relax.  So if you are looking for quality coffee machines in the Philippines then try I Luv Coffee Express from Essential Brands Group SEA.

For budding businessmen or small entrepreneurs who would like to offer something new to their food-based business, the express coffee machines serves as a welcome addition for your customers. Meanwhile, for non-food based SMEs, the coffee machine  will serve as a great work perk for your employees.

To know more about I Luv Coffee Express, go to, or contact +63(2)535-SEED / 63(2)535-7333 or visit them on Facebook page at

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