Thoughts on owning homes and decorating your walls

One of my favorite hobbies  is to daydream about what my dream house would look like. I don’t have a house of my own yet — something that’s been a long-time dream and frustration of mine. Aside from blogging and calligraphy, I usually spend time visiting architecture and interior design sites to look for pegs for my future home. Some favorites include Architectural Digest, Real Living and Home & Design.

I think the dream of owning a home that is beautiful and unique and conforms to your personality is something inherent in everyone. I have tried getting in touch with a lot of home developers during the course of the years, always trying to dip my toe in finally taking the plunge and invest in real estate, only to get cold feet and back out the minute real estate agents start asking me to go on site trippings. So while I try to get my finances in order, I will continue to keep on looking for home design pegs until the day when I can finally have a home of my own.

A perfect home for me would look a lot like this:

One of my pet peeves is clutter. Since my mom loves to hoard stuff, I grew up with a lot of clutter and with various things and knick-knacks crammed on the various display shelves at home. I hated that. When I attend weddings or birthdays or Christenings, I usually pass on the souvenir if it’s a ceramic or would gather dust in two days–unless it’s something I can eat or use, I’d rather not get it. My reasoning is that being invited is already an honor and a privilege. I hate things that gather dust. One of the things I always tell the husband is that I am happy owning a home that is without any hint of clutter.

Right now, I make do with the small space that the hubby and I call our “little nest.” I try to arrange and clean it as much as possible, and possibly get rid of the clutter one-by-one. To live up walls, I try to put up some of Mike’s art works.

<excerpted from a press release>

The folks from Kaymu, an online marketing place from Rocket Internet, the same company behind online start-ups Lazada and Zalora has some recommendations in brightening up your home, starting from your wall:

  • Pep up your wall with old hats: A great way to spice up your wall is by adding your old hats to it. This way you can recycle and reuse your timeworn hats and create a distinct vibe by elegantly placing the hats to the wall. Without spending big bucks you can create an inspiring wall that will give your room a very posh look.
  • Hang a small and affordable rug: In the past hanging expensive tapestries on the walls was not only considered a sign of affluence, but it also created a luxurious ambiance. You can achieve the look by hanging a brightly colored rug to your wall, with this little modern twist you can style your wall without spending a hefty amount of money. All you have to do is purchase a spunky rug with bold motifs that go with the rest of décor of your room.
  • Just add some baskets and trays: If the wall looks too plain, you can simply add baskets and trays, which you no longer use, to create a hip ambiance. You can add cheap wicker trays for a more traditional look or vintage sweet grass baskets. You can experiment with different shapes and mix and match various baskets to create your very own personalized wall.
  • Add removable inexpensive wall art pieces: According to a survey, an increasing number of people are purchasing wall art like frames, posters and paper decals to decorate the walls in their home. You can also jazz up your wall by just adding some eccentric posters and frames. In my case, my husband and I loved to paint and do art pieces on our own. It’s very easy to make your own paintings (you can even go abstract!) plus have them framed to any mall-based framing company and voila! a unique art work that will surely make a good conversation piece.

Let the walls speak your mind, for your next wall decoration project take inspiration from these ideas or you can even come up with your own creative ideas to brighten up your home’s interior.

If you like to buy some affordable and interesting home pieces, check out Kaymu, To know more about Kaymu, go to their website.

DISCLAIMER: A part of this article is directly lifted from a Kaymu press release. KamikazeeGirl does not claim ownership on the facts and images stated in this post.

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