KamikazeeGirl is going to Blogapalooza 2015


I have just received word (i.e: read on the Blogapalooza Community FB Site) that KamikazeeGirl is one of the confirmed attendees for this year’s Blogapalooza. Now, my Saturday is off to a great start!

From the Blogapalooza Site: “Blogapalooza is a community of Bloggers and Online Influencers who love sharing and links to businesses who want to share their cool products / services. Blogapalooza is the biggest business to blogger event in the Philippines (recording 700+ bloggers with 50+ sponsors in 2014).”

I am excited to hear about the latest and coolest products now available in the market. The funny thing is that while my day job is in PR and events, I rarely go outside and discover what the market has to offer. My industry is very traditional and the “players” within in tend to be very inclusive. Hence, my corporate day job usually means meeting people within  and around the industry; writing copy and press releases and organizing events within the same industry where you meet the same people. Do not get me wrong – I love my job as it gives me the balance and stability that I need.

But blogging? Blogging is where I can let my hair down, meet new people and discover trends, products and innovations outside my industry.

KamikazeeGirl has been around actually for about four years. Back then, it was just an online journal where I let my hair down and write about my daily rants and happenings. It used to be very personal and contained my JPop/Kpop obsessions, Japanese culture finds, among other things. I tried to dabble here and there to events but maybe because my commitment and heart wasn’t really on it, it didn’t get much to anywhere.

That is until this year when I decided to go back to writing eventually, after a few more years in corporate. Again, while I what I do in my “other life” — the stress and toll its taking to my health is just not cutting it for me anymore. With that decision, I decided to write more and to take KamikazeeGirl on the next level. So far, I am happy to meet other bloggers during events and I am happy that there are brands who now includes me during events and pitches.

That’s why I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Blogapalooza – it’s a chance to be exposed to noteworthy brands, get to know more about the blogging community and maybe, even possibly, meet new friends.

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