Must go to Maisen

Because the local tonkatsu craze shows no signs of abetting — there’s a new tonkatsu heaven in town. 

Introducing Maisen, one of Japan’s finest tonkatsu restaurant. Maisen prides itself with its kurobota pork – a different kind of pork that is soft and tasty to the bite. 


Aside from its Kurobota pork, Maisen prides itself of its line of sauces — akamuchi (sweet), karakuchi (Worcestershire sauce), spicy mustard, and the special kurobota spicy and sweet sauce mixed with freshly grated apples. 

Maisen is brought in the Philippines by the Suyen Group of Companies under the leadership of business mogul Ben Chan. Prior to launching the Philippine branch of Maisen, Chan spent time at Maisen’s different branches in Tokyo. 

I was lucky to experience Maisen a week after it has opened after my good friend, R treated me her for our annual Bday bonding. First a word about R, she’s been a beloved and good friend since we were thirteen. Meaning, we have been in each other’s lives for more than half of our existence. For about five years already, we have started the tradition of birthday bonding and treats during each of our birthday. R just discovered Maisen and wanted to share the experience with me. 

I ordered the most intriguing offering in the menu:


 I opted for the Katsumabushi Set (PHP390) which offers a unique dining experience – the set, composed of a generous serving of Japanese rice topped with seaweed strips, bite-sized tenderloin chops, onsen tamago and dashi stock, offers three varied ways to enjoy the experience. The best is to get a few spoonful of rice, seaweed strips and bite-sized tenderloin and place it on the bowl, add a splash of dashi stock and then enjoy. The mixture of flavors and textures will surprise you.

Meanwhile, my dear friend ordered Kurobota Tenderloin Katsu Set (P630), which comes with a side of rice, miso soup, pickled veggies, fruit slices and the famed kurobota spicy and sweet sauce. Slather on a slab of pork and you will be immediately transported to Maisen’s flagship store in Aoyama. All katsu sets come with a generous (and refillable) side of cabbage. It also comes with its own signature sesame sauce.

Maisen has a limited space for indoor dining, so it’s better to come early and avoid the rush hour if you want to dine indoors. The resto is located in between Torch and Lorenzo’s Way at Greenbelt 5, Makati. 

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