Markers, pens & watercolor

Reviving my interest in hand-lettering and calligraphy is one of the best things I’ve done. While it does take time away from my writing and blogging, I found that I am more relaxed and happy when playing with my pens and practicing hand letterings. I’ve devoted my Saturday night as hand-lettering days. I am still a long way to go from Pinterest-worthy output but some are really good. 

I am considering making these framed quotes and giving them away to friends this Christmas. I find the gesture more personal and more heartfelt. Here are some of my works: 




Of course, along with the hobby comes the ever-growing marker collection. In just a month: I managed to amass: more than twenty new markers in varying brush size and brand, a calligraphy wooden holder and nib, ink, two acid-free sketch book, tubes of water color, round palette, brushes in varying sizes and six pots of poster paint. 

My favorite brands so far, include ArtLine’s line of calligraphy pen (points 1.0 to 4.0) because it makes for easy calligraphy; ZiG’s scroll and brush line because it’s a convenient tool to make really nice lettering projects and Faber Castell markers for coloring. 

The boom on the interest for calligraphy, hand-lettering and the arts means something good. It means kids and even adults like us, had finally enough of looking into our computer/smart phone screens and wanted something more productive. 

Before it was so hard to look for really nice markers other than the ubiquitous colored pens, but now the availability and array of brushes and pens are so overwhelming. In National Bookstore Glorietta alone, a whole section of the third floor contained art supplies, with a whole table decked out with the latest hand-lettering markers. Yesterday, I managed to buy ZiG’s Wink of Stella line of glittered brush markers and even got acquianted to the Kuretake and Liquitex brand which also includes calligraphy pens and colored brush pens.

Price points are a bit high for specialty pens. While ArtLine’s calligraphy pen costs less than a hundred bucks, speciality markers usually go for 100+ onwards. ZiG’s double ended scroll and brush combo go for Php97, while the Wink of Stella line go for Php200++

When I go on a marker-buying binge I always ask myself if it’s worth spending a few hundred for art supplies — but then I remember that going back to Lettering and appreciating art more has saved me countless shopping hours and spending money as a stress-relieving device. 

As I’ve mentioned in a recent Instagram post, “Happiness is the smell of a newly-opened marker and crisp acid-free paper.”

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