As easy as 1-2-3: My tried and tested facial care regimen 


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I am now in my mid-30s. Ideally, I should look less like a millennial and more like a mom who got her shit together. 

But my babies are all fur babies and most of the time I am mistaken for someone out of university (much to my kilig). For times like this when I am mistaken for someone 10 years my current age, I’d like to believe that it’s because of the health of my skin and not because of me being childish. 

I love that I have a low-maintenance facial care system – save for my first year in university where my face resembled the surface of the moon (read: pock-marked and acne filled), I never had problems with my face. I never break out even on the most stressful of situations, I don’t have fine lines yet and I’d like to believe that I do look younger for someone my age.

To keep my skin looking that way: I swear by three products: 

I swear by Innisfree Jeju Pore Cleansing Foam for my facial wash, The Face Shop Olive Essential Emulsion for my morning after-shower facial must-do and the Avon Anew Vitale Night Creme which I slather on my face before I sleep. 
Out of the three, Innisfree was the hardest to acquire. The first Innisfree I used was the one I purchased from Seoul and was more of a scrub than a wash. That was a really amazing product – you can feel the tiny scrubs cleaning your face, leaving it smooth and glowing after every wash. When the Jeju Pore Facial Scrub ran out, I had to ask a good friend vacationing in Shanghai to buy me 2 more tubes because buying Innisfree in Manila is just not convenient for me. I am down on my last tube and I am already hoping that any of my friends are going in SK, China or Japan to get me the product. I got the Innisfree for RMB70 each or about PHP503 per tube. 

The Face Shop emulsion facial lotion meanwhile is a good complement to the scrub after my morning routine. The emulsion was light and soothing in the screen minus the cloying, heavy feeling present in lotions. I also love its light scent and smooth finish. My only complaint is that it takes a long time to dry after application. So if you have plans to apply make-up, you have to make sure that it’s already dry. The Face Shop Olive Essential Emulsion retails for PHP595. 

Lastly, I always, always remember to slather on the Avon Vitale night cream after washing my face and before I sleep. This is the most tedious for me — my busy schedule sometimes leads to me falling asleep without washing my face. I know this is very unhealthy (and frankly — euwww, me) that’s why I have conditioned myself to wash my face and apply my cream after dinner. This facial cream is also light and easy on the skin and without any heavy perfume. 

From Avon’s website: Anew Vitale Night Gel Cream helps renew and energize dull, overtired skin. Hydrating gel cream, with ProEnergy Complex, is formulated to help strengthen skin’s foundation. Anew Vitale Night Gel Cream helps provide a youthful-looking appearance by off-setting the look of fatigue on skin. Over time, the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores, skin dullness and fatigue virtually disappears. Retails for PHP399

Once in a while, I treat myself by buying The Face Shop’s face masks and relaxing by slapping a face mask on and reading a book. Other than this, that’s basically it for me – very low maintenance and very convenient for a busy person like me. I haven’t done any kind of facials yet and haven’t seen a dermatologist yet for any facial skin issues. 

I am very partial to The Face Shop and Étude House before but after discovering InnisFree, I think Face Shop now has a serious competition for my loyalty. 

What about you? What are your favorite facial skin care products? 

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  1. grace says:

    i was looking at the 2nd picture and thought, whaaat? she’s putting poster color on her face? 😛 anyway, great recos!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      hahahaha! thanks for the visit, Grace! I kinda knew that it would look like that after I have posted it! :p Nah, the poster colors are the kalat of my desk. 🙂

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