LIFE: A New Haven for the Body and Mind



Fitness and yoga enthusiasts, rejoice! There’s a new concept establishment in Bonifacio Global City which creates a harmonious relationship between yoga, food and music and it was named – LIFE. 


Life is focused on celebrating life as it happens. The team behind it is focused on the holistic nature of yoga and believes that the practice of it should travel from mat to every facet of one’s lifestyle.


 Life offers different types of yoga depending on your preference:


  • ASH ASANA – Ash Asana is a traditional kind of yoga named after the eight-limbs of yoga in yogic scripture. Breath is linked to movement as we follow a dynamic set of postures intended to realign the spine, detoxify the body, build strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. The asana (posture) is the method of purifying and strengthening the body. This class is great foundational class for seasoned yogis and beginners alike. It is taught at the Lotus Room, which is a non-heated studio.
  • HOT BEAT – A dynamic class that is a variation of the Bikram series in which a set of postures and breathing exercises are performed in a hot room. The hot room is equipped with infrafred heat which aids in the detoxification process, reduces muscular tension and increases oxygen supply to tissues. In this class, we build strength and promote a deep sense of well-being  with postures that work through your entire body. This class is taught at the Prana Square (heated) studio.
  • FEEL GOOD FLOW – There is no better reason to practice yoga than to feel good with your self. In this class, we flow through a series of breath-synchronized movements. The strength here is in its diversity as there is no single philosophy or sequence that the teacher must follow. This flowing, dynamic form of yoga creates a movement meditation that will leave you feeling full of life and glowing from the inside and out. This class is taught in heated and non-heated varieties.
  • ROCK N FLOW – A powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting breathe to movement. The Rock n’ Steady flow borrows from the yogic tradition while incorporating modern movement and sound. This practice bullds great physical power, mental resilience and instills peace as we learn to detach our minds. This class is taught in heated and non-heated varieties.
  • GOIN’ YIN – Yoga targets the deeper connective tissues of the body with the aim of increasing the circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. We take a more meditative approach to yoga by cultivating awareness of one’s inner silence. YIn is great in the morning when muscles are cool, but is also the  perfect way to unwind at night before calling it a day. This class is taught at the non-heated Lotus Room.
  • SPIRITUAL WARRIOR – This is a fully-balance class that incorporates chanting, setting an intention, meditation and an invigorating physical practice all in one. This class is based on the traditional practice of Jivamukti, which emphasizes the development of sound body and mind through listening, meditation and a compassionate and non-violent lifestyle. This class is taught at the non-heated Lotus Room.

LIFE Yoga offers the following affordable rates and packages:


Class Card

LIFE Yoga is located at 2/F Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

For more information about LIFE you may visit them on the following links:



Facebook: Lifeyogafoodmusic


Namaste and see you around!


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