Life is sweet with Dolce Latte


photo from Dolce Latte website
Like any typical Makati denizen, I had a fierce affinity to Makati malls. I hate venturing outside the boundaries of Ayala Center or Makati Avenue and Rockwell.  It takes something special to coerce me out of my Makati heaven. 

The negative side of this is that I miss out on new restaurants and coffee shops just because I refuse to travel along EDSA just to go maling. One of these pleasant surprises is  Dolce Latte Cafe + Gourmet + Bakeshop located at the  fifth floor of the new, elegant wing of Megamall. 

We found this little gem tucked on the fifth floor just right past the skating rink area and almost beside Pink Berry.


dessert heaven

Because we all have an affinity to the indulgent partnership of cakes and coffee, we decided to order three slices of the following: (top) pistachio berry served with vanilla ice cream; Oreo cheesecake and the Black Forrest. 


The cakes were simply too die for: rich, just sweet enough without being too cloying and bad for the hips. Price points range from PHP225 (for the pistachio/berry mix with vanilla ice cream) to PHP125. 

The pastries are best enjoyed with coffee or green tea, prices are pegged between PHP110 to PHP125. There are also juices, smoothies and cocktails for those who want a bit of variety. 


 Also available are appetizers, salads and meals for those who want a bit of heavy fare. 

Creamy Baked Salmon, from Dolce Latte site
Angus Rib Eye Steak, from Dolce Latte site
Dolce Latte is a place where I don’t mind going back over and over again to indulge in their yummy comfort food. 
If I have to nitpick, I say that the only complaint I have is the slightly snotty attitude of their servers. Particularly the woman manning the registers during our visit earlier. As first timers, we have no idea if we should order in-table or right in front. We were exactly standing up right in front of her for more than three minutes and no information was offered to us. Heck, now that I thought about it — she didn’t acknowledge the fact that we were right in front of her. We had to call her attention after which she acknowledged us in a manner that connotes that we are not worthy of her attention and time. It’s like casting pearls among swines. Maybe because we don’t speak with a distinct Sosyal accent? 

In spite this, we will definitely go back.Dolce Latte holds command over my tiny pathetic heart (and waistline) 

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