Battling away stress with Calligraphy and Adult coloring books 

For the past two weeks, I have decided to adapt a more positive vibe on how I approach stress. Before I used to be so antagonistic and negative whenever I am thrust in a stressful situation. 

Realizing that the negativity is affecting no one but myself, I have decided to take a different approach. Of course, stressful situations and people will always be there. It’s how we stand against stress that counts in the end. 

Since it’s the rage nowadays — I’ve taken to collecting adult coloring books. Being the future cat lady that I am, here are my first finished pages: 


 Unlike other kids who probably learned to color within the lines and as light as possible, I tend to grip the color pencil furiously. My strokes are heavy and dark and yes, even as an adult, I have a tendency to go beyond the lines. 
My six year old self would probably freak. But now that I am older, I have learned that I don’t have to color within the lines at all times or pick colors that are safe and appropriate. Pictures can be as bold and as vibrant  as I want them to be. 
Aside from coloring books, I have also began to take up calligraphy once again. When I was younger, I used to see a calligraphy book lying around the house along with old-fashioned pen nibs and ink. My naïveté to the value of these things lead to the book and pen set getting mislaid. Now that I am older and I see just how expensive these things were, it makes me cringe just how careless I was when I was in elementary school and was give free access to these things. These things are actually my playthings at that age. 

Now, I am starting from scratch and is currently saving up to buy my own old fashioned calligraphers pen and ink and work sheet. 

Here’s something I did using a calligraphy pen: 


I did not use any guide or a ruler for this, except pencils to guide in the lettering. Still needs a ton of work but now that i have renewed my love for the arts, I will surely find time to work on other pieces. I’ll be glad to share them with you here. 

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