Understanding Affiliate Marketing with Lazada

Last June, I was given the opportunity by fast-growing online shopping haven, Lazada to be part of their Affiliate Marketing program via the “Shop-Till-You-Blog” Lifestyle blogger meet up. I have been blogging for a long time, first covertly, until I have decided to provide more meat to this site.

The blogger mixer with Lazada has opened my eyes to the wonders of affiliate marketing. As a marketing practitioner, I have seen the rise of non-traditional media, both in public relations and advertising, and how it has redefined the field of sales and promotion for brands everywhere. In fact, the company I work for–which shall remain anonymous–is not an exception. This year alone,  I have significantly shrunk my budget for traditional media in order to accommodate the changing landscape of digital marketing and social media promotion.

The best thing about how Lazada is presenting its affiliate marketing program is its hands-on approach to its affiliated marketers and blog sites. From cheat sheets and open communication with the bloggers and online authors, the disconnect between introducing an opportunity and putting it into practice is significantly reduced.

Being one of the site affiliates is easy:

Cheat Sheet_Lazada Affiliate

In my case, it’s the act of configuring everything in this site that took a long time.

Here’s the thing — I have a way with words but I absolutely suck when it comes to configuring the nuts and bolts of this site to make it more meaty and more independent from WordPress. I have been meaning to find an independent hosting site for this blog and it’s something that I wish to tick off my long to-do list before the year ends.

The downtime tonight finally gave me the opportunity to really study the HasOffers guide generously provided by Lazada and tinker with the blog at the same time. It’s a hit and miss process, but something that can be easily learned once you get the hang of it.

The appeal of online shopping and affiliate marketing

Considering how busy people are nowadays — it’s heaven-sent that people can buy stuff on the net, on their down time and have it delivered to their doorstep. What’s even better? If you can pay for it in cash – upon delivery, without you being paranoid about sharing your personal and financial information online. This is the appeal of online shopping sites like Lazada.

I need new brogues? perfume for the husband? a waist trimmer? a frickin’ cat collar after the cat developed skin allergies? Everything ordered via Lazada. It’s fast, cheap and painless — I have actually managed to buy stuff while dressing up for work.

The best thing about online shopping sites is that everything’s basically there, from clothes, to gadgets, laptops and tablets sometimes selling to as much as 50% off? Everything’s there. The only scary thing is having to control your shopping tendencies.

Affiliate marketing provides people opportunities, regardless if they are work-at-home moms or working professionals or online influencers who could use the extra revenue. In a world like today where lines between traditional and non-traditional media and advertising channels have become one massive blur, it’s comforting to note that there are opportunities to earn more minus the need of having more time or more financial resources to augment your income. The advent of affiliate marketing opens the opportunity to become an advertising channel not only to recognized platforms like televisions or print or radio broadcast. It provides a more level playing field for everyone. Suddenly, with this technology, everyone can be both an information medium and advertising platform.

Here’s the new KamikazeeGirl blog, with creative banners finally in place:

blog with ad

Disclaimer: KamikazeeGirl is part of Lazada’s Affiliate Marketing program. However, this is not a paid post.

KamikazeeGirl is committed to full and honest disclosures on this blog. I wrote this post with my own biases and interests.

Try seamless, efficient shopping experience at www. lazada.com.ph.  

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