Adult coloring books: still no need to color within the lines 


like a kid in a candy store
The latest thing to hit the young, urban creative-types is the proliferation of adult coloring books. It’s similar to the coloring books of our elementary days — except that this one has more complicated patterns and are much more expensive than the usual Barbie or Disney coloring book. 

Said to relieve stress and help the frazzled adult to take a breather from the usual strains of adult life, the coloring books come from a dizzying array of patterns as offered by different titles. Price range is usually from PHP219 (books from Creative Haven) to PHP599 (from the posh series). I spied from the shelf a Japanese-print inspired coloring book – a part of me wanted to buy one but I got pressured thinking I won’t be able to do the prints justice. 

If you are not an arts and crafts kinda girl, you will need to buy colored pens, colored pencils and other coloring supplies. As for myself, I finally found use for the accumulated art junk I have on storage, though l still bought myself new colored pencils  just because I can’t help it.  Coloring materials range from PHP110 (Stabilo brand colored pencils) to PHP300++ ( Faber Castel colored pencils).


coloring within the lines
While I was finishing my first page – I realized that I really miss dabbling with the arts, particularly the visual medium. Aside from my grown up coloring books, I plan to also fine tune my calligraphy skills, especially since I have been doing it since I was young. 

Here in Manila, there are already workshops for calligraphy but I’d rather scour the Internet and YouTube tutorial sites for lessons to save on cost.  

Here’s the final artwork:

“Love” – finished artwork

I love it. And yes, oddly relaxing too. 

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