Update: Brazilian Slimming Coffee

A few blog posts back, I mentioned that I purchased and started taking Brazilian Slimming Coffee, a product that guarantees weight loss during intake period.


I did promise everyone that I will give an update as soon as I have finished the 200 gram jar. After all, reviews for the product in Instagram has been nothing but positive. In fact, it is also the same reason why I was convinced to place an order on their online store.

Here are the conclusion:

1. The 200 gram jar lasted for two weeks. I usually put three teaspoons of coffee per cup, and usually take it in the morning. Instructions indicate to take the coffee every morning before or during breakfast. I followed this to the T — except for some days when my caffeine addiction hits me and I drink another cup in the afternoon. As mentioned in my earlier post, it tasted mild with a bit of creamy-woodsy undertone. And yes, it smells good.

2. Most reviews say to expect loss of 2-3 pounds for the first week. In my case, I didn’t lose anything. I am currently 50 pounds overweight (70, if I want to be ruthless) and my current weight remains the same. Though when I stepped in the scale yesterday, I noticed that the pin of the scale dropped one point. I dismissed this as a possible error since 1 pound is not really significant, as far as I am concerned. However, I also felt lighter than usual. Note that I am a petite girl, so whatever extra weight I had — is expected to take its toll on me in terms of me, carrying all that extra flab.

3. The most significant effect is that I kept on drinking water. Drinking the coffee will make you thirsty. I used to drink an equivalent of 2 large water bottles a day (about 7-8 glasses equivalent) but now, I usually find myself refilling the jug three times. Obviously, this leads to more frequent trips to the Ladies to pee.

4. Because I am fully hydrated during the day, I always feel full — so I tend to eat less.

Will I buy this product again? I am not sure. At PHP680 per 200 gram jar, this is not exactly cheap. In  fact, with that amount–I can already buy new shoes online. Howeve, I believe that the product has potential and I might see results if I continue drinking it. Let’s see — if I have enough left-over/disposable money come salary time, I might buy again.


I am posting again my fierce Monday look because some of my friends told me that I seem to have losing weight after seeing this photo. Well, I do look less Marshmallo Man-ish here and in fact, am amazed to see less of the flab that usually hangs in my tummy. I am not sure if these are the results I am looking for. However, my personal gauge is the cute leopard print harem pants tucked somewhere at the back of my closet. Once that thing finally fits me, then I will finally know for sure that I have indeed lost weight.

One Reply to “Update: Brazilian Slimming Coffee”

  1. I have no weighing scale, so unfortunately, I couldn’t keep in record my weight. But when I was drinking this coffee, the usual meals I get to finish, I couldn’t finish them. I felt light, and I think it’s because of the coffee. But thanks for sharing your two cents.

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