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 Unlike other corporate warriors, I do not hate Mondays. There’s something about whining about the start of the work week that doesn’t appeal to me. While the job or the company is not perfect, I have so much respect for my work and the organization I work for to even bitch about it. It’s a means to start the week on a positive and thankful note. Most of all, I don’t want to attract any bad juju and make corpo life unbearable for me. 

I had an awesome Sunday – thanks to the impromptu shopping spree from the Hubs.  For only PHP1,000 consider my haul (thanks to the massive sale over at H&M) – knitted cardigan with faux leather sleeves which I bought at 70% off; brown cargo-type slacks also at 70% and from Forever 21, round sunnies which gave me the look of a happy alien.

My pair of shoes was also bought at 70% off also at H&M. I bought them almost a month ago, and I can’t stop wearing them with whatever I have in the closet. 

Here’s to a wicked Monday! I hope you don’t let Mondays break you. 

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