#HelpOurBabies: Finding the time to care for the children of Virlanie Foundation

This post is very special to my heart.

Some long time readers of this blog may be aware that in spite being married for more than five years already, the Hubs and I are yet to be blessed with our own child. While we have agreed that our little unit still constitutes a family — yes, even in the absence of a little one — we still can’t wait for the time when we will be blessed with our own little geek-in-training.

Thus, issues about children are issues I hold dear to my heart. While there are kids that are born into privilege and are blessed with families of their own, there are also a lot of children that are not as fortunate. Fortunately, they find their way to group homes and organizations which serves as their family – selflessly dedicating time, effort and love for these children.


One of these is the Virlanie Foundation, a twenty-three year old private, non-profit foundation that reaches out to the street children of the Philippines. Through the selfless and committed dedication of the Virlanie Foundation, the children are given the opportunity to have a better and brighter future. In spite being exposed to the harsh realities of the streets at a very young age, these children are trained, molded and guided by the foundation to be outstanding young men and women as they grow up.

Last Saturday, Virlanie Foundation invited bloggers and long-time supporters to meet their beneficiaries. The volunteers, bloggers and guests all had a fun time playing with the children, singing songs and even listening to story telling sessions by some of Virlanie’s staunchest supporters and friends.

A day with the children of Virlanie
A day with the children of Virlanie
A day with the kids of Virlanie
A day with the kids of Virlanie

Volunteers include (dispatch from Virlanie Foundation):
“DJs Sunny Bonner and PJ Paradise of the Las Vegas-based duo WeRWolvz are making clubs come alive with their powerful music. But once in a while, they find themselves in Manila not just to energize the local club scene but also to help children by volunteering their time and talents. The current editor-in-chief of Good Vibes PH, Kai Magsanoc, established her own start-up to spread positive news amidst today’s sea of dismal messages. Brian Bantugan, an educator, artist, and nature builder, is in the best position to spread progressive ideas and concepts among his numerous students in St. Paul University. EJ Miranda, Red Bull marketing executive, shared his time and musical abilities to teach children how to play the piano. While independent music and visual artist Amiya Velayo, who sings for and about children, expressed the importance of sharing her own time and that of her future child to help these underprivileged children.”

All these volunteers have one thing in common: they are busy, highly-creative, jet-setting individuals who are finding time to care for others by making helping not just a one-time activity, but a part of their hectic lifestyle. They have realized that a strong culture of caring is worth more than fame or money.


Supporting Virlanie’s #HelpOurBabies campaign
Last June 1, Virlanie launched a fundraising drive to raise support for its Babies and Toddlers Home, the residence for its child beneficiaries aged 0-5 years old. As part of the Foundation’s strategy, Virlanie organized an open-house activity for bloggers, members of the media, and artists. The 3-hour event was made memorable with musical performances from the artists and Virlanie’s very own French volunteers. The guests also picked books to read to the young listeners. And right before meal time, they spent some time outdoors playing with the children.

Virlanie Foundation continues its call for support for #HelpOurBabies. This campaign will run until June 30, 2015 as it aims to gather more financial donations to help the Foundation continue its work with the babies and toddlers. All donations will go towards providing the children with three square meals a day, milk and snacks, healthcare, clothing, shelter and other basic needs. For details on how you can help, please visit www.virlanie.org/HelpOurBabies

Virlanie invites everyone to strengthen our culture of caring, not only to raise money for its own programs, but to influence more people to make helping a part of their lifestyle.

If you want to know more about the Virlanie Foundation, you can go to their website, or Facebook page. You can also go directly to the #HelpOurBabies page to know more about the campaign. Remember, your support will go a long way in helping these children have a brighter future.

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