Content VS Revenue: Blogging issues in perspective

How do you maintain credibility and standards of your blog, while maximizing it also as a revenue-earning tool? This is just one of the many issues on the blogging community in general which was discussed during the recently concluded, “Shop Till You Blog: A Lifestyle Blogger Mixer” by online giant LAZADA.

We are lucky to be one of the invited bloggers during the event where Lazada, through its key officers Inanc Balci (Lazada PH CEO) and Florian Holm (Lazada Chief Marketing Officer), together with top blogger Kryzz Uy discussed the many ways one can maximize his or her blog presence — either by crafting creative content or by finding ways to monetize her blog if this is the direction the blogger wants to take. While Kryzz gave insights on how to create compelling and interesting content, Balci and Holm outlined ways on how Lazada can give additional revenue to the lifestyle bloggers just by being part of the Lazada Affiliate Program. 

Lazada top man Inanc Balci talks about how Lazada plans to grow its affiliate program locally

For Lazada, one of the profitable means to earn for being an affiliate is through the use of “deep links” which generates a unique link that will credit all sales to your account. Lazada makes the business of earning extra money simple by doing away from a lot of confusing rules and processes. 


The many misconceptions of blogging

In her  talk, Kryzz highlights that being a blogger goes beyond attending events and getting cool swag- a responsible blogger keeps a schedule of their post and ensures that content presented is helpful and relevant. 

Florian Holm talks about the benefits of being a Lazada affiliate

Creative outlet or revenue earning – I believe that Blogging is a very personal exercise and a unique experience for every blogger. While some maybe contented to write and nothing else, there’s also nothing wrong on earning a little on the side for opportunities being made available to a blogger. In her presentation,  Kryzz talked about finding and pursuing your passion while blogging–that’s what’s important. Anything else: the SWAG, the revenue opportunities, the fame are all just sweet cherries on top. 

Affiliate Marketing 

International social media platforms (like Facebook and Google) and international blogs have been earning a lot from the affiliate program of Lazada. If the opportunity to earn is presented through presence of links and banners – as long as blog content is not compromised, then it is something that should be actively pursued by other bloggers. 

Lazada makes the program as painless and as straightforward as possible:   

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