(Review) The Lazada Online Shopping Experience in Five Easy Steps

I made a blog post earlier how the advent of technology has made life easier for us mere mortals who cannot afford a personal butler ala Bruce Wayne. I mentioned Lazada, currently the country’s online shopping site but I failed to disclose who easy the experience was.

Shopping is almost every woman’s favorite activity — there’s something about finding the dress, shoes, bag or gadget of your dreams, paying for it and bringing it home. What sucks about shopping though is usually associated with the inconvenience of doing is-especially during sales. 10 people deep in lines, the crowd, the pushing and the fight for the last remaining merchandise. Add to that long taxi lines (unless you have Uber or Grab) – it’s enough to dissuade even the most dedicated shopper to hit the malls.

Online shopping has been around since 1979 the year it was invented by British entrepreneur Michael Aldrich. From the complicated shopping system of the early years of technology, it has evolved into something quick, easy and convenient.

Personally, I hated dealing with complicated step-by-step processes which often involved a lot of numbers and placing of personal information. Lazada streamlines the process and make it less painful for its potential customers to finish a sale. Bottom line is — the easier it is to buy, the more likely it is that a person will push forward with a potential sale.

So, in need of “respectable” office shoes, I head over to the Lazada website and tried to see if there’s any footwear design that will catch my fancy. Unsurprisingly, there was one. Predictably, it’s Oxford shoes — the same type of shoes I have currently littering my closet.

Step 1: Search for what you like and read its background information

Oxford shoes. Again.
Oxford shoes. Again.

The fact that there are lace ups Oxford shoes in the mix significantly reduced my browsing time. I hated shopping for office shoes and do not own a single pair of heels. All my office shoes can be classified into three categories: Oxfords or Brogues, rounded ballet shoes or boots. The fact that I purposely do not confirm to the recommended office attire is my only display of office rebellion, bless my pathetic heart.

Step 2: Choose the item and complete your cart

Fill out your shopping cart
Fill out your shopping cart


After choosing the items you want, you can fill up your shopping cart and move forward to continuing the purchase by completing your delivery details and other information needed in the material. I also bought a waist shaper because I am already sick and tired of my perpetually bloated belly. Maybe Kim K. is on to something with her waist trainer addiction. Anyway, once you have completed your cart, you will be asked to input if you have an existing Lazada account. You can also sign in using your Facebook account.

Step 3: Complete your shipping information

Make sure to put correct shipping address
Make sure to put correct shipping address

Step 4: Choose a Payment Option

Available payment options
Available payment options

Lazada’s strongest suit is the availability of many payment options for its customers. While there are people who don’t mind using their credit cards to pay for their online purchases, the availability of an option to pay “On Delivery” opens doors to many potential customers to try the website. Upon choosing your oreferred payment option, shopper just needs to click “Place Your Order” to finalize the sale.

In the Philippines, we should note that credit card penetration is the lowest, only 3 to 4% of the total population. The availability of the COD option already speaks to 96% of Filipinos who do not own a credit card.

Step 5: Shopping is done

Order confirmed
Order confirmed

That’s it — you’re done! Wait for the confirmation email to be sent by Lazada representatives to the email you provided. Save for the browsing aspect of shopping, the whole experience is relatively quick and very convenient. Instructions are simple and easy to understand.

I believe that online shopping is still in its infancy in the Philippines. While people buy stuff from online resellers like Facebook or Instagram, the threat from some unscrupulous buyers and sellers is more prevalent as compared to online shopping from a virtual mall like Lazada. The site’s best value proposition is assured security for its customers.


The items I ordered were delivered the next day, less than 24 hours after I have placed the order. The delivery came with a Return Form, for instances where item ordered has issues with size or with quality of shipment.


For Returns, just drop off the shipment at LBC and inform the counter that the item is for Lazada.

Full disclosure:
This is not a paid post. However, this blogger was provided a voucher by Lazada in conjunction with its upcoming event. The voucher also intends to highlight and test ease of use of the site during purchase.

This post is written based on the blogger’s all biases and opinions.

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