Brave A.F.

It’s not everyday that you decided to do something brave. Or crazy. Or equally both.
In my humdrum life as a corporate slave, I woke up one day and decided to jump the gun and just do it. Whatever opportunity that life will offer me, I told myself, I will take it.

Blindly and crazily and without any hesitation. And then, just like that — it happened. A good friend offered me the opportunity to be one of their partners for an upcoming production outfit. How and why I said yes, I have no idea. Except for the fact that–in my mind–the opportunity to start something that is (possibly!) great does not come often. The opportunity to finally break out from the desk job and earn a living doing something you love? That is mother-effin’ precious.

Jump for faith!
Jump for faith!

Nothing to report here, as of yet. The venture is still on its infancy but the backbone – like meeting with the other business partners, readying the paper work for filing for business loan with the bank, the brainstorming for the company name and the timeline and budget, scouting and finding a host for a potential program — it’s all being managed and being taken cared of at the moment. I am excited, scared shitless and hopeful of what five kids with a dream, a little money and lots and lots of chutzpah can do. The moment everything becomes final, I will be glad to share it in this page.

Right now, I will continue to do my part in my current job — one because, it’s a good training ground and experience should I plan to eventually decide to focus on our “little thing that could” and two, because it pays all the bills.

Leaving you with these thoughts:

bravery in the bible


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